Thrill Murray: Logan Fitzpatrick

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Please pray silence one and all for the Bill Murray colouring book

Sometimes a combination is so darn perfect that you weep for the sheer perfection of cosmic coming togethers – salt and vinegar, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Friday and beers. So I could feel the old tear ducts starting to throb when the brilliant folk over at Bellykids told me about their new project – ladies and gentleman, all hail The Bill Murray colouring book.

Thrill Murray is aimed at “the young, old, middle aged, bored, hyped or mildly interested” giving all and sundry the chance to bring to life the man, the myth, who “has stolen the hearts of a generation in a million and one films which have become essentials on the indie film DVD shelf.” There’s a whole host of illustrators involved rendering old Bill in all sorts of ways, but this is a project where the consituent parts almost matter less than the supremely wonderful overall concept.

Thrill Murray is released in August.


Thrill Murray: Front Cover illustration Nicholas Stevenson


Thrill Murray: Bridget Meyne


Thrill Murray: Mike Killkelly