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Portuguese illustrator Tiago Galo’s plump little characters are oddly charming

Portuguese illustrator Tiago Galo’s series of plump, cherub-like figures meandering through daily situations are simple and endearing. The chunky limbs, overhanging guts and unconcerned expressions add a slight change of pace compared to his other illustration work which feels more quaint and textural.

These richer images filled with lobster-like pinks and deep blues see his characters battle with coffee making, diving and watching TV. The tongue-in-cheek captions add a little more humour and sass to his work, and provide a loose narrative.


Tiago Galo: Call me crazy but I bet it´s gonna be a new world record


Tiago Galo: Her favourite thing in the world is to jump into swimming pools. She hates to get wet, though


Tiago Galo: My papa always say: it ain´t real till it´s on TV


Tiago Galo: I spend half my days drinking coffee. I spend the other half making the coffee


Tiago Galo: Caught two


Tiago Galo: Cabbage lifting