Tilo Uischner: At the Pool

Work / Art

Stunningly eerie wooden portraits of children from artist Tilo Uischner

I’ve found the taste of avocado a difficult one to master. The weird fatty fruit with buttery, soap-like texture forms a strange the consistency in my mouth that I’m not sure I’m okay with, yet I find myself always returning for more. It’s an intriguing, exotic and odd thing that I want to be a part of, so I think deep down I have a love for the avocado – it just isn’t a conventional one.

This is similar to how I feel about Berlin-based Tilo Uischner’s work. At first the eerie portraits of (mainly) children on wooden canvases unnerved me. But then I started looking more closely at the skill in combining various medias like acrylics splicing them with the technique of intarsia and I started to be really impressed. It’s more than that though, it’s the empty space around the subjects that force you to piece together the situations they’ve become detached from. It’s the heaviness and even dark mood that’s suspended in these works that invites you in, and it’s the power of them that’s managed to convince me that I do like them a lot, just like those cheeky chunks of avocado that always keep jumping into my salad.


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