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Uh-oh! Prepare to lose some time exploring The Useless Web

Twitter was full of references to this last week but I didn’t get round to investigating this properly until the weekend. In terms of productivity that was an unwittingly wise decision, as this is one of those sites that swallows up whole hours with effortless ease.

The creation of Aussie developer Tim Holman, The Useless Web is a collection of some of the most seemingly pointless online destinations around and a random generator sends you off from the homepage into this timewasting wormhole. From work with which you might be familiar from the likes of the brilliant Rafael Rozendaal or the psychedelic Staggering Beauty, to mindboggling sites like He-Man singing along to Queen, this is a superb collection of irreverent humour and digital skill. But be warned – if you have work to do, children to look after or a man/lady friend to woo then steer clear of this for a bit…


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