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“Meetings kill creativity” – Timothy Goodman takes a typographic jab at workplace banality

Designer and illustrator Timothy Goodman has collaborated with Moo to create a notebook to fight back against workplace banality. Emblazoned with a tongue-in-cheek jab at those colleagues who drag meetings out longer than necessary, the notebook’s cover urges action through typography, stating “Meetings kill creativity”.

“As a creative person, I loathe meetings,” he says. “Yet, as a business owner, I need to be in them a lot. I loved the irony of people using my notebook while sitting in another boring meeting, so I wanted to fight back with the art – and remind them to keep the meeting short.”

The New York-based creative has built a reputation for his evocative handwritten works, ranging from his small, often highly personal Instagram posts to huge site-specific for the likes of Google, JBL, J.Crew and Samsung. These can be seen across all media, spanning packaging, cars, apparel and gallery walls, as well as the pages of The New Yorker and The New York Times. He also is the co-creator of blog and book 40 Days of Dating and social experiment 12 Kinds of Kindness. Always relatable and packed with personality, his works have a knack for getting straight to the point.

Timothy’s notebook for Moo also features illustrations satirising other workplace tropes. The inside cover depicts a headless chicken holding a pencil, perhaps a window into the busy designer’s lifestyle. Similarly and comedically insightful to the creative’s day-to-day is the vibrant double spread at the centre of the book, stating “Do some work, go to the fridge, do some work go to the fridge,” in an eclectic mixture of type styles.

The hardcover notebook features a matte black cover with silver foil type, and archival Munken Kristall paper inside, which never fades from crisp white, and provides a non-glare canvas for your meeting notes / doodles. It also includes 16 pages of vivid yellow paper in the middle, as a divider or accent. The book’s binding allows it to lay flat, and the cover is bound with cloth. It also comes with a slipcase to protect pages and offer a way to archive old notebooks.


Timothy Goodman for Moo: Meetings kill creativity


Timothy Goodman for Moo: Meetings kill creativity


Timothy Goodman for Moo: Meetings kill creativity


Timothy Goodman for Moo: Meetings kill creativity


Timothy Goodman for Moo: Meetings kill creativity


Timothy Goodman for Moo: Meetings kill creativity