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Film: Jason Schwartzman teaches us How to Sneeze at Parties

It’s an uncomfortable but unavoidable fact of life that awkward social situations will arise at some point in your life. Whether an innocent but over-enthusiastic conversationalist sneezes on you mid-sentence or you find yourself alone in the corner at a party looking like a sourpuss, sooner or later you’re going to find yourself in a tight social squeeze. Praise the Lord then that you can prepare yourself for such difficulties, with this series of short and hilarious clips!

Directed by Eva Michon for LA’s Tenoversix and narrated by the dulcet tones of Wes Anderson favourite Jason Schwartzman, the series comes complete with convenient reminders that “an awkward first pump or high five can be traumatising.” Fortunately, Eva and Jason have actually practised all possible outcomes to these tricky moments to make sure that when it comes to the crunch, you’ll be ready. With a step-by-step guide to “The Kiss-Hello” and hilarious examples of what might happen if you both go to the left, the series is a five minute insurance policy for your smooth friday night out on the town.