“If by chance this book should stray
Into other hands some day,
Dear St. Anthony I pray,
Bring it back without delay.
To Helen Pistole”

Work / Miscellaneous

Together, As always – A brilliant collection of personal notes from second-hand books

It’s funny how a few lines of handwriting cam transport you to a snowy, 1980s family christmas in Nebraska that you definitely weren’t at. In this simple, very engaging project, Julianne Aguilar has collected as many second hand or discarded books as possible – each one containing the obligatory ‘gift’ note inside. With personal notes ranging from sophomore year-book style in-jokes to lengthier messages that make the hairs on your arms stand up, this collection is not just one more reason to keep buying people books for gifts but serves as an inspiration that a small and very charming project like this is totally doable, and closer to home than you may think.


As a young child, reading Dr. Seuss books were a joy. You were able to use silly words and use your imagination. Now you’re growing up. You will take time to decide what road you will take. You will endure many adventures in your journey. I thought it was really appropriate to end the last chapter of your school years with a Dr. Seuss book. This is where it all began. And look how successful you are at such a young age. I’m very proud of you, you are such a bright young lady. Whatever it is you choose to do I will always be supportive.
Good Bless, Peace, Love & Happiness,
Aunt Pati”


“Dear Amelie, It is as if we are just now starting our lives – together, as always. Happy 30th Birthday. I love you so much. Karen”


“To Jon, Christmas 89, From GMom & Pa”


“Jackie & Bonnie —Keep on the journey!"


“To Angel Annie: Live it up! All of your times around! Love, [Peter?]”