Tokyo Hotaru (Image by ajpscs)

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Jaw-dropping installation sees 100,000 LEDs float down Tokyo river

There are some images that even when you’re exposed to as many creative projects as we are still stop you in your tracks. So it was this weekend when we got wind of whispers that 100,000 LED spheres had been floated down a Tokyo river to mark the opening of the Tokyo Hotaru arts festival – and the photographs certainly didn’t disappoint. Hotaru translates as fireflies and the eye-popping piece certainly resembles these critters or phosphorescent algae, but by transplanting it into an urban setting it creates something both ethereally beautifull and slightly unnerving. A blockbustingly brilliant project which is rightly getting a great deal of attention – kudos to the organisers, Panasonic who provided the balls and all those who captured it so brilliantly on Flickr.


Tokyo Hotaru (courtesy of the festival)


Tokyo Hotaru (Image by JeremyV)


Tokyo Hotaru (Image by JeremyV)


Tokyo Hotaru (image by makure)


Tokyo Hotaru (image by Mai Suzuki)