Tom Dixon: Eclectic

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LDF 2012: Tom Dixon unveils new stone light and playful accessories collection

For the past few years one of the highlights of the London Design Festival has been Tom Dixon’s Portobello destination The Dock bringing together not only new work from one of the godfathers of the UK design scene, but also interesting and unusual collaborators.

This year the studio is unveiling its stylish new Lustre range of stoneware lights – expect to see them in every trendy restaurant by the end of the year – as well as a new accessories collection. Eclectic is described as " a miscellany of useful and decorative artefacts and curiosities formed of honest, resilient and heavyweight materials, including copper, marble, cast aluminium and wood."

From candles to champagne buckets, money boxes to nut crackers this is a really interesting example of a hugely respected and recognisable brand exploring new products within its signature style and serious design savvy. And if you say you’ve seen abetter copper brogue, you’re lying!

And with NIka Zupanc, Merci and Piet Hein Eek also showcasing their work it’s sure to once again be well worth the trip out west.


Tom Dixon: Eclectic


Tom Dixon: Eclectic


Tom Dixon: Eclectic


Tom Dixon: Eclectic


Tom Dixon: Lustre Light Flat


Tom Dixon: Lustre Light Round


Tom Dixon: Lustre Light Wedge


Tom Dixon: Lustre Light Square