Christmas Tree Sledge


Christmas Tree Sledge (detail)


Blooming Bench


Gym Bench


Vaulting Boxes

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Tom Hatfield

Having spotted Royal College of Art student Tom Hatfield’s portfolio yesterday through his timely Christmas Tree Sledge, it’s not the only project that catches the eye. Tom has worked professionally as a designer, cabinetmaker and furniture finisher, specialising in antiqued mirror glass and is currently studying towards an MA in Design Products at the RCA. Pictured is Christmas Tree Sledge, made from Christmas trees found on the streets of London. “With roughly 1.7 million trees bought for this recent Christmas period. Using the primitive skills of a bodger, it opens up an inventive feeling of seeing the resources that are around us”.

Tom also adds Christmas Tree Sledge is inspired by Fabien Cappello and his use of discarded trees to make furniture. Also pictured are Blooming Bench, a self-watering flowerpot bench designed for Benchmark Furniture. Angled at one degree it cleverly allows water to run down the bench into the pot so you’ll never have to worry about watering your plants or herbs again. Also pictured are Gym Bench and Vaulting Boxes, both inspired from gym equipment.