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Tomáš Kral and Jan Bubebnicek’s nostalgic 3D short slapstick dragon slaying animation series

Czech 3D animator Tomáš Kral has collaborated with Jan Bubenickek to dutifully remake his 1997 hand drawn VHS animation The Dragon, utilising the power of CGI animation filtered though an old-fashioned classical animated style.

With creative direction by Jan Bubenickek himself, and rending by Tomás Kral, the animation of Charge the Dragon resembles stop-motion in style and movement, both in creating tactile looking character designs and composing the manner in which they move through the scenes.

Tomáš explains: “We wanted to create a world that would remind the audience of the classic animation techniques used for ages before CGI came to life.”

A tragicomedy of Monty Python-esque proportions, the three episodes feature a knight on a quest to slay a dragon; cartoonish calamity ensues, with homages to the animation of yesteryear.

Tomáš found an interest in 3D graphics while a student at Václav Hollar Art School in Prague. He has since worked extensively in feature films, completing work at UPP for Red Tails, Pandorum, 2012, Season of the Witch.