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The tremendous Tracy Ma proves graphic design never has to be regimented

Fantastically multifarious portfolio here from Tracy Ma, whose work happily skips and leaps across the boundaries of graphic design and illustration landing her somewhere in the middle of being an art director. You’d be inclined to think that this was perhaps the portfolio of an agency representing a host of different designers due to its consistently fluctuating style, but that’s just Tracy. Sometimes collaborating with friends and photographers, her friendly and appealing knack for illustration always wins through, letting her work speak volumes about how exciting and smile-inducing graphic design can be – even when your’e being commissioned by -Businessweek.


Tracy Ma:


Tracy Ma: YSDN10 Poster


Tracy Ma: Smith Reataurant


Tracy Ma: Philip Lim Invitation


Tracy Ma: Cute Things HK


Tracy Ma: Cute Things HK