Kohei Nawa: TRANS double yana (mirror)

Work / Sculpture

Does this look human to you? Take a closer look at Kohei Nawa’s TRANS

The human form is a beautiful thing be it small, large, wobbly or as taut as Robin Hood’s bow. This beauty is the starting point for artist Kohei Nawa’s solo exhibition TRANS presented at Sandwich in his home town of Osaka. Kohei begins his transformation of the human form by utilising cutting-edge sculptural techniques involving 3D scans, computers and a whole load of distortion, manipulation and even more smoothing out. This computer process is called ‘texture mapping’ whereby the collected data can be tinkered with to create things that, at times, only hint to their original state. The resulting fluid, three-dimensional surfaces evoke a sense that these forms are not part of this world, but parallel to it.


Kohei Nawa: TRANS Yujin (spine)


Kohei Nawa: TRANS Koji (stroke)


Kohei Nawa: TRANS Kids (bump)


Kohei Nawa: TRANS Yujin (dent)


Kohei Nawa: TRANS Yana (stroke)


Kohei Nawa: TRANS Rio (foamy)