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True Photo Journal shows off photographers’ previously unseen work

True Photo Journal is a weighty 200 glossy-paged publication aiming to give photographers a space to show their unseen work. Published by fashion photographer and art director Brendan Freeman and headed up by creative director Peter Hughes, the magazine is billed as “showcasing the unpublished and the personal.” Brendan says: “The idea is to give [photographers] a platform to publish images that are free from the constraints of the usual editorial formats they work within.”

Selecting photographers to feature was an easy step for the team, “We started with friends and people we work with regularly and went from there,” Brendan explains. “Many of the stories in the magazine are the result of ongoing discussions between us and the photographers… often they’d suggest other photographers that would be a good fit for the magazine… It felt like a natural way to approach the first issue.” This organic search for content has led to an eclectic mix of subjects and styles, and it’s this diversity that makes it so wonderful to flick through. From Ben Weller’s series of horse fairs across the UK, to Charlotte Wales’ images of teenagers at London’s Ministry of Sound, each turn of the page brings a new story and something beautifully unexpected.


Ben Weller: The Flashing Lane


Charlotte Wales: The Best Night of Our Lives


Charlotte Wales: The Best Night of Our Lives


Boo George: Never Be Too Old to Cry


Donald Christie: The Eye Hospital


Annemarieke van Drimmelen: Drake


Annemarieke van Drimmelen: Drake


True Photo Journal: Cover