Tumbly: The characters ready to invade

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Animated GIFS hacking device Tumbly provides hours of super silly fun

Depending on your experiences, the word “intervention” may conjure up either images of earnest American families confronting wayward members over their drink/drugs/ebay addictions or even more earnest artistic happenings which serve often to baffle and bemuse.

But artist Rajeev Basu, illustrator Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk and programmer Yiarrnis Poulakas have done created Tumbly, a beautifully silly hacking device which stages interventions of a much less serious kind.

It’s very simple – users imply enter a web address into the search bar then sit back and enjoy as a cavalcade of dark, grotesque and surreal animated GIFs invade their chosen destination. The illustrations are designed to appear in random formations which adds extra hours of fun to the project and means you can come across some delightful aesthetic accidents as the two worlds collide.


Tumbly: Cat reacts badly to iPhone 5 (2012)


Tumbly: Hanging by the Gagosian (2012)


Tumbly: Yet I had something on my face (2012)


Tumbly: Cowboy in red on Kim Kardashian’s face (2012)