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Twice Studio creates totem-inspired identity for art and music festival Baleapop

Baleapop is a music and arts festival that takes place in Saint-Jean-de-Luz in France every summer and Paris-based Twice Studio has been tasked with creating this year’s identity, and its the fifth year of the studio working with the event. 

“This year we chose the topic of ‘community’, trying to capture how a group of people come together and enjoy a short time together at the festival. [Through the identity] we want to build a new community during the festival, where we create its own rules, money and beliefs,” explains the studio. “We decided to work with old myths and legends from traditional societies and cultures like South America, India and Africa. People in those ancient societies used to gather together around a popular belief, usually represented by steles or totems.”

From its research, Twice worked on a series of god-like representations that appear as architectural icons, creating a “god of music, a god of art and the Baleapop god”. The colours chosen for the identity use solid primary colours with flashes of black and brown to create impact.

The bold, geometric lines and symmetrical compositions seen throughout the identity all come together to “tempt people to come party and convey a positive energy” and Twice Studio has used Suisse Int’l regular as the typeface, which sits stoically next to the dynamic graphics. “The whole identity is a sort of call to action, to gather people to celebrate art, music, summer and nature during Baleapop,” explains the studio.  


Twice Studio: Baleapop festival 2017


Twice Studio: Baleapop festival 2017


Twice Studio: Baleapop festival 2017


Twice Studio: Baleapop festival 2017


Twice Studio: Baleapop festival 2017