Nikola Djurek and Marija Juza: Balkan

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Type Directors Club announce 2012 winners – get em while they’re hot

Typography fetishists – assemble! The New York based Type Directors Club has revealed the winners of its communication design, typeface design and title design awards and as ever it’s a fountain of font-based fabulousness (our words, not theirs). With over 1,600 entries from 33 countries (although 52% from the USA) it’s a mammoth task to whittle down to some semblance of winners and in all well over 200 projects were garlanded.

In the interests of then of time, space and sanity we have decided to showcase the judges’ choice winners, where it was a delight to see student work honoured alongside titans of the typographic world like Rogers Eckersley Design and EdenSpiekermann.

These last two took prizes for self promotion and the Red Bull Music Academy website, but special mentions to the Playtype website, Cesar Puertas’ typeface for Columbian newspaper La República and Lorenz Klingebiel and Nicolas Kremershof’s brilliant poster.

Paula Scher of Pentagram is designing Typography 33 featuring the winners which will be out at the end of the year.


Hélène Zünd: Chiavari


Jesper Mathiasen: Playtype Type Foundry and Concept Store


Edenspiekermann: Red Bull Music Academy


Lorenz Klingebiel and Nicolas Kremershof: Poster for Klingspor-Museum Offenbach


Hochschule für Künste Bremen: Zeitschrift der Strasse


Nicolas Zupfer and Professor Uli Cluss: Student Project


Nicolas Zupfer and Professor Uli Cluss: Student Project


Nicolas Zupfer and Professor Uli Cluss: Student Project


Cesar Puertas: La República