Harry Pearce: Typo Circle Poster (detail)

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Celebrating the posters designers have made for their Typo Circle talks

The Typographic Circle (like The Magic Circle but with less rabbits-in-hats and more font chat) was founded nearly 40 years ago and is still going strong in its mission to “bring together anyone with an interest in type and typography.”

Its regular talks are popular fixtures on the creative calendar and have welcomed some of graphic design’s most relevant and important figures over the years (including our own founder Will Hudson). Each speaker is invited to design the poster for their own event and this has led to a terrific archive created by top designers to promote, well, themselves. We had a root through them and selected some of our favourites but you too can rifle through the archive over here.

Tonight The Typo Circle welcomes Craig Oldham, who recently released his stunning visual history of the Miners’ Strike. The talk takes place at 7pm at The St Bride Foundation in London – you can buy tickets here.


Henrik Kubel: Typo Circle Poster


Airside: Typo Circle Poster


Angus Hyland: Typo Circle Poster


Jonathan Barnbrook: Typo Circle Poster


Noma Bar: Typo Circle Poster


Simon Esterson: Typo Circle Poster


Tom Gauld: Typo Circle Poster


Will Hudson: Typo Circle Poster


Craig Oldham: Typo Circle Poster


Harry Pearce: Typo Circle Poster