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Universal Everything’s new works mimic a Tai Chi master’s movement

Where digital art often operates at its most jaw-dropping is in its ability to recreate phenomena which one would instinctively assume was too rooted in the messy complexities of the real world to be mimicked. Human movement falls into that category and motion capture has allowed for some truly stunning renderings of bodily form – but they don’t come much better than this. The ever-brilliant Universal Everything have created five pieces for the framed digital art display at Tokyo’s Omotesando. The works recreate the movements of a Tai Chi master and are described by the UE team as “a series of impossible physical sculptures embodying the human spirit.”

Unveiled tomorrow these beautiful, beguiling works have made us fall in love all over again with Matt Pyke and his incredibly talented team.


Universal Everything: Tai Chi (Trails)


Universal Everything: Tai Chi (Blocks)


Universal Everything: Tai Chi (Meta)


Universal Everything: Tai Chi (Lasers)


Universal Everything: Tai Chi (Twine)