Universal Everything: Excelsior installation (picture by James Medcraft)

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Blindingly good updates from Matt Pyke and Universal Everything dazzle us with digital brilliance

For all the intensity, the stress, the late-nights and the agonising decisions that go into any creative process the end result can sometimes feel a little low-key, barely hinting at the endeavour that has been poured into it.

Not so with Universal Everything whose digital brilliance is more often than not displayed large, loud and proud. Matt Pyke’s latest updates include dazzling visuals for Coldplay’s 2011 Glastonbury slot and subsequent world tour, two pieces for Air France to be screened on Airbus A380s and seven works for the Jean Nouvel-designed Excelsior store in Milan.

“The store is situated in the heart of Milan with LED screens encompassing every floor,” UE explain. “Our digital artworks flow in and out of the internal structure and sync between the floors to create a dynamic visual canvas.”

Combining technological wizadry, flawless visuals and inspiring ambition it’s clear that this already brilliant studio is on a particular hot streak.

Universal Everything: Fuzzyman Visuals for Coldplay World Tour

Universal Everything: Excelsior Milan installation

Universal Everything: AirFrance installations