Valeriya Volkova: Party hat dog and cool pizza

Work / Illustration

Like pizza? Like dogs? Check out Reddit sensation Valeriya Volkova

Some artists choose to approach galleries to get their artwork seen, some choose to mingle in arty places and talk their way to the top. But as the wind changes and the art scene shifts like a huge, unpredictable tectonic plate, we find an increasing number of artists who have made a substantial name for themselves from meme factories such as Reddit (“the front page of the internet”).

Artist Valeriya Volkova is an internet sensation, and is receiving large sums of money for creating bespoke paintings, book covers and designs for fans. The picture below of the couple riding in the back of the pick-up truck driven by a T-Rex with a labrador on top? That was an engagement gift, commissioned by the husband of the lucky wife-to-be. Thinking about getting your wife a Magi-Mix to celebrate your fatal commitment? Stop where you are and get in contact with Valeriya immediately, you won’t regret it.


Valeriya Volkova: A commission for another redditor as a gift for his fiancee


Valeriya Volkova


Valeriya Volkova


Valeriya Volkova


Valeriya Volkova: A book cover for another redditor


Valeriya Volkov


Valeriya Volkova


Valeriya Volkova


Valeriya Volkova