Vesa Sammalisto: Finnish Tourist Board

Work / Graphic Design

The colourful, illustrated world’s of Vesa Sammalisto put a smile on our face

Like a moth to a rainbow flame, I’m drawn to anything brightly coloured. I only flirt with colour though, compliment it, give furtive glances, have gentle brushes with it, because I’m not ready to fully commit to a colour-drenched life. As a result my day-to-day life remains fairly grey and beige.

Nevertheless, my latest dalliance is with the work of Vesa Sammalisto, a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer whose bright prints use landscapes and maps to bring a little joy to us all. It’s the numerous details and clever compositions that make Vesa’s stand out with these miniature worlds of cheer. While I’m not ready to ‘go steady’ with colour yet, it’s work like this that edges me closer to diving into that multi-coloured pool of wonder.


Vesa Sammalisto: Helsinki Festival


Vesa Sammalisto: Die Weltwoche Stil


Vesa Sammalisto: Monocle


Vesa Sammalisto: Domino’s Pizza


Vesa Sammalisto: Hartwall