Viction:ary: Graphic Digits

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Ace new Viction:ary book explores numbers as graphic elements

Like their counterparts over at Unit Editions, the Viction:ary team has an unerring eye for putting together graphic design books that are a cut above the competition. This stems from their ability to select a theme that is relevant and interesting and (crucially) identify the right creatives to showcase in exploring that subject.

Their newest title Graphic Digits aims to celebrate numerals “as a brilliant graphic element in their own right.” The publishers say it’s “the first ever first-ever focused review of modern digit design” with more than 100 examples of work “that gives numbers a magnified position in daily communications.”

There’s a great spread of examples from Snøhetta to Sawdust, Build to Bunch and Hey to Homework, as well as some studios with more than one word in their name. The shiny golden cover may split opinion, but the contents will impress and (hopefully) inspire anyone who works with graphic design.


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Adrian Meseck spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Lo Siento/Magpie Design spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Manuel Arranz spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Rice Creative spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Sawdust/Alisdair Graham spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Fred Dauzat/Emanuel Cohen spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Snohetta spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Tassinari Vetta/Mariela Mezquita spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits (Les produits de reciperie spreads)


Viction:ary: Graphic Digits