Victoria Haven: If all in all is true

Work / Art

Take a look at artist Victoria Haven’s lovely geometric “landscapes”

American artist Victoria Haven evidently loves geometry. Her composite shapes and web-like, skeletal works take the form of paintings, photography and sculpture. They remind me of abstract landscapes or imaginative geology formed out of strips of tape, thick painterly lines of ink and watercolour, or solid steel struts. Playing with perspective, she manipulates 2D and 3D space to create elegantly simple but bold pieces that float in space, and are, well pretty captivating. I find myself trying to follow the lines, and untangle the puzzle of interlocking shapes. Each time I look at them, I almost see a new combination of projecting and retreating surfaces.

Produced over a number of years, in an almost obsessive way, Haven has built up an extensive portfolio that explores this geometric representation anew. I wonder if her fascination will ever wane or if she will continue adding to this series. I certainly hope so.


Victoria Haven: Untitled


Victoria Haven: Oracle Series


Victoria Haven: Span


Victoria Haven: Empire


Victoria Haven: Untitled


Victoria Haven: Zam