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Victoria Vincent’s animation captures the tragic pitfalls of online dating

Animator Victoria Vincent’s short animation, Find True Love, depicts a character’s failings at online dating. “I wanted to portray this kind of strange emotional connection we have with the internet in a light-hearted movie,” she says.

In the film, the protagonist messages a girl he likes the look of and waits anxiously for her reply and Victoria humorously documents his emotional turmoil. “Despite the anonymity that the internet grants its users, there is still anxiety that comes with trying to connect with people online,” says Victoria. “We google questions we don’t know how to ask other people and face anxiety over sending/receiving messages. It’s something that I think every internet user can relate to.”

Victoria built the narrative for the film in a fairly ad hoc approach: “I just started animating a random scene in the middle of the movie and went from there. I spent about three days making it,” she says. At only one minute long, the pacing is what keeps this film tight and fresh. Victoria keeps the narrative moving by overlaying boxes of action alongside observations of the character’s mood, tapping into this universal experience with humour.


Victoria Vincent: Find True Love (still)


Victoria Vincent: Find True Love (still)


Victoria Vincent: Find True Love (still)


Victoria Vincent: Find True Love (still)