Waleria: spring

Work / Illustration

A trip inside the vivid imagination and private life of Waleria Petruschenko

We are constantly bombarded with warnings about how much information to give out online. Wouldn’t it be great if when someone Googled your name, all that came up were just some unbelievable, psychedelic drawings you had made in your spare time, and almost nothing else? Well, meet Waleria Petruschenko, an internet mystery who has let us into her Flickr account and given us no more information than her name.

What we can gather, though, from these meticulous acid-trip illustrations is that she is young, she is in love, and she has literally invented an entire world that is keeping her and her boyfriend (Mitchell) very amused indeed. These pictures are just so impressive, displaying such a wild imagination and understanding of fantasy — she is genuinely my new favourite illustrator, and I can’t even get in touch with her to let her know. If you see her, tell her she’s terrific.


Waleria: walpeterian day


Waleria: girl ate shroom


Waleria: Bob and Frog found magic mushrooms at the mulchy playground


Waleria: realkydreams


Waleria: Beans with mashed potatoes inside


Waleria: Fantasy Ejaculation


Waleria: mitchell and i at a funny cave on planet walpeteria


Waleria: thanks universe for helping me find mitchell


Waleria: Sperm Glasses