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Waverly Labs launches an earpiece that translates languages in real time

Not since the creation of short-lived little-used universal language Esperanto has there been an invention that has the potential to smash down the language barriers. The Pilot, designed by New York-based Waverly Labs, is a Bluetooth earbud that allows real time translation between two people with a phone hosting the control software. The idea for the device was conceived when creator Andrew Ochoa met a French girl named Elodie, and could not communicate with her. Elodie now features in the promo video (below) that showcases the earpieces translating from English to French and French to English.

The Pilot will launch with the capability to translate European “Romance and Germanic languages” (French, Italian, German) and in time there are plans for the technology to work for Slavic, Semitic, Hindi and east Asian languages via downloadable packs. The headsets are planned to be released in Spring 2017 and pre orders are currently being taken via Indiegogo. The Pilot, which will also work offline, will be available in three different colours and were developed over the course of two years by Waverley Labs.


Waverly Labs: The Pilot


Waverly Labs: The Pilot


Waverly Labs: Elodie with Pilot