The final poster


Briefing the dancers


A dress rehearsal


The body suits


Shooting the final pictures


A group shot to round off the day

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We are Pi: Ideas United

The phrase “human brain” has never been more apt than in describing this simply stunning publicity shot created by We Are Pi for TEDxAmsterdam later this month. Taking the event’s theme of “human nature,” this brain is built using 48 dancers from The Dutch National Ballet and Nova Dance College, with input from iconic actor Rutger Hauer and a host of other Dutch creatives. The end result is funny, simple and massively effective – click through to watch the film and see some behind-the-scenes images.

Alex Bennett-Grant of We Are Pi said: “TEDx Amsterdam didn’t come to us for an advertising campaign, they came to us with a brief to unite the nation over ideas worth doing. We decided to make every aspect of the project reflect that challenge, from the concept of making brains from humans, to the epic collaboration needed to pull it all off.”