Jean Jullien: Politics! (detail)

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Illustration: Nelly Ben Hayoun and WeTransfer launch satirical cartoon project

There’s an unfair stereotype that younger generations aren’t interested in politics; the truth is they just aren’t engaged with the traditional channels through which politics are presented to the people.

That’s why we welcome this new initiative from WeTransfer and its head of experiences Nelly Ben Hayoun. Every week Politics! will feature a satirical cartoon provided by top illustrators from across Europe and beyond as a comment on the state of the continent’s political scene in the wake of the recent European elections. But Nelly has also issued an open call for creatives to submit their own image to serve as one of WeTransfer’s iconic full-screen backgrounds.

She says: “WeTransfer has 50 million active monthly users; that’s 50 million voices and critical opinions. We Transfer is a fantastic platform for debate and that is what the Politics! series is set to prove. We want to actively engage users into critically thinking what the future of politics might be, can be and should be. Satirical cartoons are a genius artistic medium that convey just that. The result of the European Elections were very alarming and they triggered the need for this series to exist.”

Images should be 1900px x 1200px and further guidelines are available here. You can email submissions to [email protected]


Jean Jullien: Politics!