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Wham!’s Last Christmas is ideal for our final Monday Morning Music Video of 2012

So here we are, another year of weekly music videos passes, and it’d be rude not to finish on a stone-cold classic. Last year I got away with posting Bowie and Bing’s beauty and this year I’ve Whammed up the cheesy Yuletide warmth with Last Christmas.

Hazyily shot ski-resort frolics laced with a love story of equally misty merits make this four minutes of true joy, but if you’ve stayed with me long enough to read this, you shall be rewarded with the knowledge that at three minutes five seconds our beloved George Michael takes a hefty (and most importantly) definitely unscripted fall in the snow that has always made this one of my all-time faves. Enjoy!


Wham: Last Christmas (still)


Wham: Last Christmas (stil


Wham: Last Christmas (stil