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Podcast: Why New York? speaks to Milton Glaser and Michael Bierut

Earlier this month It’s Nice That directors Will Hudson and Alex Bec went Stateside for a week of art and design exploration in New York City. They gave a talk, caught up with many old friends and met a whole host of creatives whose work we’ve long admired. While out there, Will recorded a series of short audio interviews with many of those the guys met, looking at the city’s creative potential, what first drew them to New York and how it affects their work.

So Why New York? features foreign creatives who’ve made the US their home – like Icelandic designer Hjalti Karlsson and London-born Julian Ehrhardt – to those like Michael Bierut and Rob Giampietro who came to the Big Apple from elsewhere in the States. The only born and bred New Yorker in the whole series is the legendary Milton Glaser who told Will: “Everything I am began here…all the understanding and blindness I have about the world is rooted here.”

So sit back and enjoy the first batch of audio interviews which try and get under the skin of what many consider to be the most creative city in the world…


Will chats to Michael Bierut