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Will Farrell’s endearing film about a man who creates meticulous insect sculptures

Director Will Farrell has created this short film for London-based gallery Sladmore Contemporary about one of its artists. Insectophile tells the story of Edouard Martinet, who’s been creating sculptures of insects out of metal for more than 40 years. Sourcing materials from flea markets and car boot sales, his workshop is like a treasure trove of scrap metal and precious trinkets.

The film captures Edouard’s organised chaos beautifully with slow, panning shots of the workshop interspersed with the artist’s leisurely narration. Will’s focus is on Edouard’s process, all the way from sourcing materials to manipulating them into various insects and animals. The sculptor’s main aim is to change the perception of insects by honing in on the delicate details and uniqueness of these creatures. This marries well with Edouard’s practice where he continually finds the beauty in salvaged junk to create intricate structures.


Will Farrell: Insectophile (still)


Will Farrell: Insectophile (still)


Will Farrell: Insectophile (still)