From Will Hall’s Food Baths Pinterest board (via flickr.com)

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The maddest Pinterest boards imaginable curated by Will Hall

We’ve all been there: it’s mid afternoon, you had too much lunch, the coffee’s worn off and the inspiration levels are in the doldrums. But that moodboard won’t build itself, right? So you head over to Pinterest and hope the good people there might have done some of the work for you.

Well next time you’re in need of a creative fix head straight to Will Hall’s Pony Fight, aka the weirdest selection of Pinterest boards ever assembled. Will is executive creative director at rain.agency, with a snazzy portfolio of award-winning work to peruse if you’re that way inclined. But his Pinterest is a rabbit hole down which we’re happy to follow him, with a selection of some of the most bizarre image collections we’ve ever come across. From Eating Money to Homemade Tanks, Illegible Metal Tattoos to Spelling Bee Eliminations and Makeshift Bras to Sexy Chewbaccas, there’s a whole host of imagery here you never even knew you needed in your life. Come for the pictures, but stay for Will’s occasional commentary (“Nipple slip on Aisle Jason” being a particular favourite).


From Will Hall’s Laser Portraits Pinterest board


From Will Hall’s Alpaca Champions Pinterest board


From Will Hall’s Illegible Metal Logos Pinterest board (via blogs.vilagevoice.com)


From Will Hall’s Dutch Boybands Pinterest board (via sogooddobad.com)


From Will Hall’s Movie Theater Carpets Pinterest board (via Ms Bexy on Flickr)


From Will Hall’s Spelling Bee Eliminations Pinterest board


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