Will Laren: Family Tattoo

Work / Illustration

Hilarious King of the Hill-esque narratives from illustrator Will Laren

After a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend, you don’t always want something soothing to cleanse your cider-addled mind, you want something with a bit of bite. So here’s Will Laren, whose comic style is as aggravating as an irritating rash (in a good way). Will’s style goes a little something like this – illustration of brightly coloured-in human grappling with the strain of modern life, accompanied by an often hilarious stream of rambling hand-drawn type above their heads that shows off their innermost thoughts. Innermost thoughts is a bit misleading actually; one of the best drawings is of a man whose hard drive has crashed and he’s screaming about how he’s lost all his “wang scans” which are genuinely scans of his wang.


Will Laren: Untitled


Will Laren: Wang Scans


Will Laren: Rap Fan Art


Will Laren: Camoufight


Will Laren: Untitled


Will Laren: Crying my Dick Size