Word to your mother, our round up of the best of the creative world this Mother's Day

4 March 2016

It might have slipped your mind, but Mother’s Day is this weekend. To celebrate the fact that we remembered this year, here’s our round up of the best from the creative world. You’ll be thanking us come Sunday.


Lorena Manhães: The Mother Journal


Lorena Manhães: The Mother Journal

The Mother Journal

Boasting a plethora of delicate illustration and photography, The Mother Journal is a thoughtfully structured quarterly publication that combines literary and visual elegance to present the unexpected challenges of raising a child. Small enough to fit inside a handbag, and including a poster specifically for the reader’s child, the art direction and content structure of The Mother Journal has been created within the common limitations of caring for a child by Brazilian graphic designer Lorena Manhães.


Anthropologie: Heirlooms

Anthropologie Heirlooms

Eclectic fashion and homeware brand Anthropologie is tugging on our heartstrings this Mother’s Day with a beautifully photographed online campaign exploring the sentimental value of giving items to our loved ones. Contrasting the traditional sentiment of ageing heirlooms, passed from generation to generation, with the disposable mindset of a digital generation, Anthropologie’s in-house creative team has collaborated with photographer Gary Didsbury to produce a series of gifs showcasing potential future heirlooms and the emotive narratives they might represent.


Addie Chin & Sarianne Plaisant: Afterscent

Laboratory Perfumes

Harnessing the creative vision of photographer Addie Chinn and stylist Sarianne Plaisant, Laboratory Perfumes has produced a vibrant campaign promoting its scented candle beakers as the gift that just keeps on giving. Created in collaboration with publicity agency Zetteler, Sarianne and Addie’s brilliantly engaging Afterscent gifs see the candle vessels reincarnated as vases, plant pots and food containers against vivid but minimal backgrounds. Long after the candle burns away, matriarchs everywhere will be left with the reminder that you did, once, remember Mother’s Day.


Bee Johnson: The Washington Post

Bee Johnson

New York creative Bee Johnson has illustrated the experiences and quandaries of a mother forced to split her time between caring for young children and her ageing mother. Bee’s faceless parental figure is portrayed in richly coloured scenarios where she is seen balancing responsibilities from two equally dependent sides. Produced for the living section of The Washington Post, a second illustration represents the bittersweet bonding experienced by the central character during her mother’s chemotherapy treatment.


Stella Asia Consonni: f**k flowers, Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols F**k Flowers

In an aggressive rejection of the traditionally floral approach to Mother’s Day, luxury department store Harvey Nichols is rolling out a digital campaign encouraging shoppers to “f**k flowers”. Featured on its social media and website, the high-end retailer’s latest imagery, shot by photographer Stella Asia Consonni, sees a shredded bouquet frame the tagline, “She deserves more than the obvious”.


Chris (Simpsons artist)

Chris (Simpsons artist)

Ideal for those who can’t be seen to be taking their affections too seriously, Chris has created the perfect Mother’s Day card for the emotionally stunted. Featuring his signature brand of crude illustration and child-like interpretations of emotional relationships, Chris’ simple card is the perfect gift from those who refuse to grow up.

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