Yarisal & Kublitz: Anger Release Machine

Work / Art

Crockery in a vending machine: the perfect anger release device by Yarisal & Kublitz

The fact that vending machines are, usually, placed in some of the most frustratingly boring places on the planet (I’m looking at you, driving theory test waiting room), artists Yarisal and Kublitz have definitely got the right idea with their Anger Release Machine. A powerful team, the Berlin-based duo put their brains together to create some of the most pleasant visual sculpture around. Notably their piece Unheimlich in L.A which depicts stiff little triangles falling out of a killim, and whole warehouse spaces filled with candle-snuffing balloons. Totally simple, and brilliant.


Yarisal & Kublitz: Unheimlich in L.A


Yarisal & Kublitz: Unheimlich in L.A


Yarisal & Kublitz: Unheimlich in LA


Yarisal & Kublitz: Totem


Yarisal & Kublitz: Freedom Fighter