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Let Ye Rin Mok lead you into some of the world’s most beautiful artist’s homes

Is it me or have the standards of editorial photography skyrocketed recently? I don’t mean in quality, I do know that cameras get better as technology develops, but the level of intimacy and aspects of habitat seem really prevalent in a lot of people we are posting at the moment. Maybe it’s got something to do with Apartamento magazine and their consistently brilliant choice of commissioned photographers, including the fabulous Ye Rin Mok.

Based in LA, Ye Rin’s photography is organic, quiet and sweet. She gets commissioned to go and take photographs of beautiful, sun-drenched habitats because she knows exactly which nooks and crannies are going to give the best representation of the dweller. Watch as she leads you through the wild conservatory of Julie Newmar, through the meiticulous, airy rooms of Doug Aitken’s house, and into the den of Geoff McFetridge’s incerdibly cute daughter.


Ye Rin Mok: Julie Newmar


Ye Rin Mok: Julie Newmar


Ye Rin Mok: Doug Aitken


Ye Rin Mok: Geoff McFetridge


Ye Rin Mok: Geoff McFetridge


Ye Rin Mok: Mike Mills


Ye Rin Mok: Mike Mills


Ye Rin Mok: No Age


Ye Rin Mok: South of France


Ye Rin Mok: Girls