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South Korea-based animator Yoodowon’s lighthearted salute to the household blind

This charming short by Seoul-based animator Yoodowon explores the anonymity and protection the humble household blind gives us. Meandering through a series of different blinds like pink snappy shutters to simple yellow roll-ups, the animation adopts a bright, lighthearted approach to a topic that could easily have become a darker observation of privacy.

Housed in a neat environment made up of blocks of colour and sharp lines, the animator’s style is full of subtle moments and movements. Initially made as flat 2D designs, Yoodowon uses these silhouettes to create repeating and rotating patterns, as well as some wonderful moments of more focused action like the fluttering of a curtain and the pulling of a cord.


Yoodowon: Blind (still)


Yoodowon: Blind (still)


Yoodowon: Blind (still)