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Yuanchen Jiang interprets our online lives through a series of understated posters

Graphic designer Yuanchen Jiang lives and works in Los Angeles and his wonderfully simple style manages to transform tricky concepts and complex ideas into things of beauty. Among the identities, typefaces and motion graphics, is a series of posters titled No Place to Hide, which are based on a podcast of the same name. “The podcast talks about how people’s lives are changing by data-based living environments and the new relationship between governments and social media companies,” explains Yuanchen.

The designer’s posters represent the networks and companies we’re familiar with and use most frequently. Included are posters about Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Apple and other companies that have become so entrenched in our daily online lives. In contrast to the trend of brash, colourful net art, Yuanchen’s posters are a refreshing interpretation as they opt for a more understated approach. With his tempered colour palette, the designer warps and distorts images and familiar logos in a way that looks hand-printed rather than digitised. The subtle use of off-white backgrounds feels oddly traditional and the snippets of type included looks like cut-outs from old books.


Yuanchen Jiang: No Place to Hide, YouTube


Yuanchen Jiang: No Place to Hide, Skype


Yuanchen Jiang: No Place to Hide, Microsoft


Yuanchen Jiang: No Place to Hide, Google Maps