The Yutaka Project T-shirts: New Future Graphic and Jeffrey Docherty

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Clothing brand Yutaka get collaborative in their ongoing project

Collaboration. A fine word for the creative community to adopt and nuture – it’s as though it was made for them to tuck nicely above their ears alongside their trusty pencil. A recent example of this comes from clothing label Yutaka Tajima, based in Sheffield, who have invited a whole host of illustrators, designers, artists and photographer to reinterpret their simple, geometric Y – an integral part of the brand.

The Yutaka Y Project takes the form of printed t-shirts, as well as a new publication featuring the designs called Y1. In addition the brand has also announced a call for submissions from both professionals and amateurs to send in their interpretations. If selected, the artist will receive a share of profit from each of their t-shirt design sales and will also be archived in the Yutaka Y Book series. So get creative and become a part of that collaborative tree.


Yutaka Y Project: senormeaker


Yutaka Y Project: Guy Hulse


Yutaka Y Project: Oscar Diaz


Yutaka Y Project: Begin


Yutaka Y Project: Byggstudio