Zoë Taylor: The Blue Hotel

Work / Illustration

Strong, inky fem-vibes from the unique and wonderful Zoë Taylor

Nice to see Zoë Taylor choosing to channel the fem-vibes of strong women such as Madonna (post-virgin, pre-cowboy hat), Virginia Woolf and Grace Darling in these dark, inky illustrations. Okay, there is one picture of a man, and it’s great, but the images of women are much more frequent and so much more powerful. Sinister, stern, and tweed-bedecked, you can just imagine these characters twitching lace curtains on quiet roads, or slipping arsenic into their husbands’ supper.

Zoë’s knack for being able to portray women in a uniquely dark and curious way has, unsurprisingly, caught the attention of some major publications such as AnOther Magazine and Dazed and Confused, and she was also commissioned to illustrate Luella Bartley’s Guide to English Style – which looks terrific!


Zoë Taylor: Untitled 3


Zoë Taylor: AnOther Magazine


Zoë Taylor: Swimmer


Zoë Taylor: Too much night


Zoë Taylor: AnOther Magazine


Zoë Taylor: Too much night