1. Feng-li-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Chinese photographer, Feng Li's series White Night is a flip book of strange scenarios
  2. Ahaok_illustration_itsnicethat_list Illustration Ahaok on studying graphic design before finding success as an illustrator
  3. Cecilebaudier-diasporacostachica-itsnicethat-7list Photography Photographer Cécile Baudier explores Costa Chica's Afro-Mexican community
  4. Alexandercoggin-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography “You can see a lot of me in the work”: Alexander Coggin on exhibiting eight years of photographs
  5. Robhornstra-mannextdoor-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Photographer Rob Hornstra investigates: "How well do you know the person who lives next door?"
  6. Damien-maloney-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Damien Maloney captures the teams sterilising equipment to be sent into space
  7. Ilonasagar-correspondenceo-art-itsnicethat-1list Art Multimedia artist Ilona Sagar examines our uneasy relationship to public healthcare
  8. Mirandajillmillen-art-itsnicethat-6-list Art Miranda Jill Millen on her new Kath & Kim-inspired exhibition
  9. Books-from-the-future-bookshelf-itsnicethat-list Bookshelf Books From The Future's Bookshelf: from Gay Sunshine Interviews to Eat This!
  10. Absolut-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising Absolut's new campaign film features 28 of the brand's employees naked
  11. Nicer_tuesdays_jan_launch Nicer Tuesdays Tickets available now for Nicer Tuesdays February
  12. Vincent-levrat-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Vincent Levrat sent a camera 20,000m into the atmosphere for his series Catch Me If You Can
  13. Stinedeja-interactive-itsnicethat-10list Interactive Multimedia artist Stine Deja satirises the commodification of mindfulness
  14. Studioatlant-cc-graphicdesign-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Studio Atlant's graphic approach has the ability to be both conceptual and incisive
  15. Paolaciarska-painting-art-itsnicethat-1list Art Paola Ciarska's detailed drawings explore voyeurism in a social media-dominated world
  16. Diego_rivera_taschen_list Publication Taschen releases most comprehensive study of Diego Rivera's work to date
  17. Giorgiodinoto-publication-itsnicethat-2 Publication Giorgio di Noto surfed the dark web for photos of drugs for his mysterious new publication
  18. Kukui_copy-list Photography Brendan George Ko's intoxicating latest scrapbook sees plants as a metaphor for place
  19. Teamthursday-disclosed-graphicdesign-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Team Thursday's print work proves how implementing design rules can actually be fun
  20. Espen-friberg-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Illustrator Espen Friberg's authentic and deceptively simple characters
  21. Florina_lein%c3%9f-ersatzteillager-editiontaube-publication-itsnicethat-list Publication Ersatzteillager explores the shapely visual language of artist Florina Leinß
  22. Super-bowl-ad-doritos-peter-dinklage-tyrion-advertising-itsnicethat Advertising Super Bowl 52: we round up the best ads from this year
  23. Inescox_strt_mg1 Publication Ines Cox's "book of books" for five Antwerp-based artists
  24. Jimherrington-themountainclimbers-photography-itsnicethat-2list Photography A glimpse into the compelling world of legendary 20th century mountain climbers
  25. Monica-alcazar-duarte-publication-itsnicethat-4 Publication Photographer Monica Alcazar-Duarte documents the sleepy town of Mars in The New Colonists
  26. Nikolay_bakharev-novokuznetsk-publication-itsnicethat-4list Publication “A desire for the forbidden would be equal to treason”: Photographer Nikolay Bakharev on life in the USSR (NSFW)
  27. Knif_mono_list Graphic Design Knif Mono, a typeface presented how it will inevitably be used by other designers
  28. Raman-djafari_fjaak_snow_animation_itsnicethat-5 Animation Raman Djafari’s unpredictable approach to animation makes for a hypnotic and emotive film
  29. Yarza-twins-graphic-design-itsnicethat-7 Graphic Design The Yarza Twins on how to rebrand paradise
  30. Mixtape_hookworms Friday Mixtape Friday Mixtape: A running mix of "exercise rock" from Hookworms
  31. Things-january-itsnicethat-list Things January's Things: from 365 UK-based creatives to a killer robot sex festival
  32. Hectordelavallee-bungalow-illustration-itsnicethat-8list Illustration Illustrator Hector de la Vallée’s Bungalow zine warns against insatiable greed
  33. Joegamble-slump-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Joe Gamble's latest series broke him out of an illustration slump
  34. Itsnicethat_diary_february_2018 Diary February diary: where to go and what to see
  35. Fuminagasaka-photography-itsnicethat-3list Photography The graceful and sensitive photography of Fumi Nagasaka
  36. Awesomemerchandise-theprintedpeanut-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Thinking of printing illustrated merchandise? Here's some helpful advice
  37. American-chordata-publication-itsnicethat-list Publication “Brave, illuminating and emotionally detailed writing”: American Chordata issue six
  38. Todd-james-art-itsnicethat-list Art Painter Todd James' vivid and complex compositions of meditative interiors
  39. Willhooper-tenloavesforabungalowconversion-photography-6list Photography A loaf affair with a bungalow: a closer look at Will Hooper's absurd photographs
  40. Zhangqingyun-piaule-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Zhang Qingyun builds a narrative around simple objects for homeware brand, Piaule