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Alif Ibrahim

  1. Quentin-dufour-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Stoic black cats and burning worlds: Quentin Dufour on his chaotic illustrations
  2. Andong-zheng-a-chinese-question-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography In photographing the American west, Andong Zheng uncovers hidden traces of Chinese history
  3. Worthikids-witches-on-tinder-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation Two old witches discover Tinder in Worthikids' hilarious animation
  4. Viktor-hubner-the-americans-i-met-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography Viktor Hübner photographs American anxieties amongst a shifting political environment
  5. Felix-salut-galapagos-tile-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Galapagos typeface creators launch porcelain tile range for 3D home creations
  6. Studio-phenomena-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Studio Phenomena looks at syllable-based writing, lost dreams and sensory experiences
  7. Louis-morton-floreana-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation Animal training and symphonious masses: Louis Morton animates his post-climate change world
  8. Brando-corradini-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Designer Brando Corradini finds freedom in his personal work
  9. Torsten-rasmus-cityringen-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Kontrapunkt's type designers talk us through its design for Copenhagen's in-train displays
  10. Kellnberger-white-being-human-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Warm, tactile and accessible: Kellenberger-White on its exhibition design for Being Human
  11. Evan-cohen-quiet-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Evan Cohen thinks about the daily resources we need to survive in his newest comic
  12. Sally-thurer-graphic-design-itsnicethat-11 Graphic Design Sally Thurer's critical design practice reaches beyond what you can see with your eyes
  13. Taylor-wessing-photo-portrait-prize-2019-photography-itsnicethat-list2 Photography Turning 3,700 images into one winner: how the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize is decided
  14. Fatih-hardal-fh-giselle-graphic-design-itsnicethat-2 Graphic Design Find hidden squares and experimental inktraps in Fatih Hardal's FH Giselle
  15. Charlie-stewart-while-you-were-sleeping-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation In Charlie Stewart's animation, two AI assistants chat in an abandoned space base
  16. John-lee-illustration-itsnicethat-2 Illustration John Lee's tranquil illustrations will keep you company on a quiet night
  17. November-diary-publication-itsnicethat-21 Things Rochdale youth culture, illustrated aphorisms and those dreaded toe socks: November's Things is here!
  18. Rus-khasanov-disctortion-photography-itsnicethat-2 Photography Rus Khasanov on how he created his colourful project Disctortion entirely in-camera
  19. Ronghui-cheng-freezing-lands-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Ronghui Chen photographs the young people of China's forgotten “Freezing Lands”
  20. Zebu-illustration-itsnicethat-15 Illustration Collaborative duo Zebu on distilling their work while keeping it bold and colourful
  21. Noah-levenson-stealing-ur-feelings-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Noah Levenson’s interactive film shows the broken promises of facial emotional recognition AI
  22. Itsourtime-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design #ItsOurTime enlists the creative industry to get young people registering to vote
  23. Anindya-anugrah-illustration-itsnicethat-3 Illustration Let illustrator Anindya Anugrah take you into her medieval-inspired fantasy world
  24. Kenny-brandenberger-graphic-design-itsnicethat-5 Graphic Design Kenny Brandenberger’s fluid typographic design is made with machine-like precision
  25. Digi-gxl-ctrl-your-future-digital-itsnicethat-1 Digital “Ctrl Your Future” with Digi-Gxl’s creative tech event for young women, non-binary people and transfolk
  26. Vikram-kushwah-the-education-i-never-had-photography-itsnicethat-17 Photography The Education I Never Had: Vikram Kushwah visits his father’s government school for the first time
  27. James-tupper-freelance-animation-itsnicethat-9 Animation James Tupper embraces the ups and downs of being a freelancer in his charming animation
  28. Polly-tootal-the-hands-that-built-this-city-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography The Hands That Built This City: Polly Tootal shows us the complexity of living in the liminal space
  29. Obby-and-jappari-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Obby & Jappari stays up to date with the right mix of analogue and digital
  30. Carl-herner-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Carl Herner deconstructs garments with his non-traditional approach to digital design
  31. Sungmo-kang-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Sungmo Kang contrasts the cute with the rebellious in his playful illustrations
  32. Dev-hynes-uneventful-days-film-itsnicethat-2 Film Diners, mountain ranges and fringed sleeves: Dev Hynes directs Beck's new music video
  33. Yoshigo-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography Yosigo’s warm photography takes a look at where nature and civilisations meet
  34. Paul-hiller-happy-sad-places-photography-itsnicethat-2 Photography Paul Hiller’s bittersweet photographs document the ultimate form of escapism
  35. Pastor-placzek-digital-itsnicethat-10 Digital Pastor/Placzek questions the notion of surface through its interaction design work
  36. Ori-toor-illustration-itsnicethat-2 Illustration Take a tour across spacetime with Ori Toor’s conceptually rich illustrations
  37. Conall-mcateer-every-minute-counts-digital-itsnicethat-2 Digital Conall McAteer shows us the oscillating nature of political opinions on social media
  38. Megacomputeur-plaisir-sucre-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation An angry doughnut faces off with a timid computer technician in Megacomputeur’s latest film
  39. Nizar-kazan-lausanne-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Nizar Kazan’s Lausanne typeface is a product of his analytical design approach
  40. Amanda-bonaiuto-chocolate-moon-animation-itsnicethat-1 Animation How Amanda Bonaiuto’s animation for Chocolate Moon turned into a piece of personal reflection
  41. Simon-lehner-men-dont-play-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Simon Lehner shows us how truth is constructed in a war simulation subculture
  42. Denisse-ariana-perez-photography-itsnicethat-0 Photography Denisse Ariana Pérez’s photography shows us the tender potential of masculinity
  43. Masoud-morgan-graphic-design-itsnicethat-3 Graphic Design Masoud Morgan on creating a sense of destruction and suspense in 3D typography
  44. Daniel-stuhlpfarrer-graphic-design-1 Graphic Design Daniel Stuhlpfarrer melds phonetics, architecture, and iconography in his variable typefaces
  45. Peter-steineck-graphic-design-itsnicethat-6 Graphic Design Motion designer Peter Steineck wants creative communities to show up and make time for each other
  46. Hunter-french-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Illustration Hunter French packs movement and meaning into his almost-innocent illustrations
  47. Neal-agrawal-digital-itsnicethat-0 Digital Creative coder Neal Agarwal on bringing the internet back to its weird days
  48. Thumbnail-small Graphic Design Meet Rob en Robin, the Dutch studio that finds humour in often lifeless topics
  49. Daniel-wenzel-digital-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Digital Daniel Wenzel faces the question of automation in creativity head-on in Automatic Type Design
  50. Daniel-britt-space-man-animation-itsnicethat-0 Animation Daniel Britt’s hilariously surreal animations makes the nonsensical appear logical
  51. Alan-warburton-digital-itsnicethat-0 Digital Alan Warburton explores CGI production, toxic masculinity and vision through his hybrid practice
  52. Rita-puig-serra-costa-dani-pujalte-good-luck-with-the-future-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Rita Puig-Serra Costa and Dani Pujalte’s Good Luck with the Future is a cosmic project turned intensely personal
  53. Karolina-pietrzyk-graphic-design-itsnicethat-00 Graphic Design Graphic designer Karolina Pietrzyk works exclusively through collaborations
  54. Keiken-feel-my-metaverse-digital-itsnicethat-00 Digital In Feel My Metaverse, Keiken wants us to unlearn our reality to form new kinship
  55. Michiyo-yanagihara-photography-itsnicethat-10 Photography Michiyo Yanagihara imbues her post-human photography with Japanese mythology
  56. Derek-zheng-illustration-itsnicethat-2 Illustration Derek Zheng’s absurdist humour shines through in his poetic illustrations
  57. Harm-van-den-dorpel-digital-10 Digital In his generative art pieces, Harm van den Dorpel treats his algorithms as collaborators
  58. Lanning-sally-graphic-design-00 Graphic Design Lanning Sally mixes the progressive and classical in his album cover designs
  59. Eugenie-frerichs-water-salad-photography-itsicethat-01 Photography Eugénie Frerichs’ Water Salad is a typology of consumption during a Californian drought
  60. John-boaz-our-father-photography-01 Photography John Boaz captures the complexity of spirituality today in his project, Our Father
  61. Jugoceania-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design Design studio Jugoceania is ready to embrace the unknown through its ever-expanding practice
  62. Brandpie-los-angeles-chamber-orchestra-rebrand-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design Brandpie rebrands the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra for a new generation of classical music fans
  63. Mutia-taufieq-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Mutia Taufieq breathes new life into an old format through her Polaroid collages
  64. Studio-150-graphic-design-itsnicethat-00 Graphic Design Studio 150 wants young graphic designers in Thailand to break the mould