Daphne Milner

Daphne recently graduated from the University of Bristol. Having studied English Literature, Daphne has written on a broad range of subjects and is particularly interested in publications, photography and performance art.

  1. Legotencentlegoboost-digital-itsnicethat-1list Digital Lego teams up with Tencent to develop online games
  2. Karansingh-mexico66-graphicdesign-1list Graphic Design Karan Singh designs graphics for Asics Mexico 66 sneaker, inspired by Lance Wyman
  3. Adidasbvgcollaboration-fasion-itsnicethat-3 Fashion Adidas releases trainers that are also public transport tickets
  4. Cvsstopairbrushingimage-newst-itsnicethat-1list Advertising CVS Pharmacy promises to stop airbrushing its beauty images
  5. Unnamed Art Anna Mond’s cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking Fantastical Beings
  6. Prada-news-itsnicethat-5list Fashion Four distinguished designers reinvent Prada’s Black Nylon trademark
  7. Unnamed Art “I like to retreat into a world that isn’t defining an ideal form”: meet artist Emma Kohlmann
  8. Famousdoppelgangergoogleartsandcultureapp-art-news-itsnicethat-2 Art Compare your selfies to fine art through the Google Arts and Culture app’s newest feature
  9. Toma_vagner_list_720 Illustration Toys and fairytales: Toma Vagner's charming, imaginative illustrations
  10. Diet-coke_redesign_its_nice_that_li Graphic Design Diet Coke is given a new look that aspires to be "more gender neutral and diverse"
  11. Royalacademyofarts-art-itsnicethat-0 Art Galleries across the UK come together to mark 250 years of the Royal Academy of Arts
  12. Globelogo-graphicdesign-itsnicethat-3 Graphic Design The Globe unveils reinvented logo in the form of a wooden ‘O’
  13. Sofieamalieklougart-reachingeurope-photography-itsnicethat-2list Photography Sofie Amalie Klougart documents refugees living in an Italian reception centre
  14. Aronklein-kukeriproject-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography Aron Klein's captivating images of the Bulgarian demon chasers
  15. Kajet-publication-itsnicethat-33 Publication Kajet is the new journal exploring all things Eastern European
  16. Martinandersen-dogsshows-photoraphy-newyork2006-itsnicethat-17 Photography Martin Andersen's odd and endearing photographs of dog shows from around the world
  17. Metropolitanmuseumofart-art-itsnicethat-list Art The Met to start charging non New Yorker visitors for the first time in 50 years
  18. Kate_davis.list Digital Sexbots and cybersex: Kate Davis explores "relationship replacements"
  19. Hesse-antiqua-graphicdesign-itsnicethatlist Graphic Design Gudrun Zapf von Hesse releases her first digital typeface, aged 100