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  1. Tom-chancellor-minirig-small-rave-massive-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Director Tom Chancellor stages a rave at a model village for Minirig ad
  2. Penguin-random-house-anyways-christmas-campaign-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising Penguin Random House launches campaign reminding us that books make us better
  3. The-long-wait-john-lewis-christmas-ad-dougal-wilson-itsnicethat Opinion The best Christmas ads of the decade, according to Dougal Wilson, Mother, W+K and more
  4. Sky-christmas-ad-et-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising Sky's emotional Christmas ad reunites ET and Elliot 37 years later
  5. Noah_harris_uncommon_wwf_christmas_ad_adopt_a_better_future_advertising_animation_itsnicethat_5 Animation Noah Harris explains his dark and purposely uncute stop frame Christmas ad for WWF
  6. Oscar-still2 Advertising Oscar the Grouch becomes an unlikely art star in Squarespace’s charming new ad
  7. Ram-han-list Advertising Ram Han, Toiletpaper and Ryan Heffington contribute to SK-II artist campaign
  8. Mother_kfc_christmas_good_luck_animation_advertising_itsnicethat7 Advertising KFC’s animated Christmas ads tell horror stories of “the lesser poultry”
  9. Kesselskramer-humania-nemo-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design KesselsKramer's campaign for Nemo Science Museum celebrates weird body facts
  10. Pay-gap-pound_presskitprint_20191107_cmyk_two-coins_20191108 Product Design Mr President mints fake pound coins worth 82p to highlight Equal Pay Day
  11. Adam-and-eve-ddb-dougal-wilson-excitable-edgar-john-lewis-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising The John Lewis Christmas ad stars a flame-incontinent dragon, a singed tree and a shot at redemption
  12. Michel_gondry_hp_christmas_print_the_holidays_advertising_itsnicethat7 Advertising Michel Gondry’s Christmas ad for HP says printing can bring the family together
  13. Wpp_boots_christmas_gift_like_you_get_them_advertising_itsnicethat9 Advertising Boots’ Christmas campaign centres on personalisation as research says buyers want to give fewer, better presents
  14. Mpc-juventus-palace-adidas-shared-goals-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising MPC makes tongue-in-cheek ad for Juventus’ new Palace and Adidas collaborative kit
  15. Odd-m_s-gojumpers-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising M&S brings Single Ladies director on board for a jumping Christmas advert
  16. Mother-silence-the-critics-ikea-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising Ornaments voiced by D Double E diss their owners in Mother’s Ikea Christmas ad
  17. People_of_colour_creative_pocc_generations_of_greatness_advertising_itsnicethat3 Advertising Generations of Greatness celebrates the achievements of BAME creatives in Britain
  18. Asda_lets_make_christmas_extra_special_amv_bbdo_tom_green_stink_advertising_itsnicethat6 Advertising A jar of Santa’s leftover magic transforms Tyldsley in Asda’s Christmas ad
  19. Mariah-carey-walkers-christmas-ad-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising Mariah Carey stars in Joseph Kahn and AMV BBDO’s Walkers Christmas ad
  20. List Advertising Drum roll please... it's The&Partnership's dream-inspired Christmas ad for Argos
  21. Joseph_mann_engine_transpennine_express_puppets_advertising_itsnicethat5 Advertising A human-sized family of socks actually got the train for Joseph Mann's live action TransPennine Express ad
  22. 8 Graphic Design Uncommon encourages families to talk with TV listing-inspired print ads for ITV
  23. Itv-creative-im-a-celebrity-ads-advertising-itsnicethat-04 Advertising ITV Creative develops Ant and Dec choose-your-own-adventure ads ahead of new I'm a Celebrity
  24. Somesuch-iamwill-peoplesvote-advertising-itsnicethat-02 Advertising Dan Emmerson directs feisty short #IAmWill for the People’s Vote campaign
  25. Aesop-unseen-stories-advertising-itsnicethat-list-2 Advertising Aesop’s campaign for anti-trafficking charity Unseen makes “Insta-poetry” sinister
  26. List Advertising Skateboarding dogs and an invitation to “chill”: it’s the Churchill rebrand
  27. Kesselskramer_fairphone_campaign_advertising_itsnicethat Advertising KesselsKramer ad for Fairphone tells consumers “caring is radical”
  28. Anomaly-portal-the-muppets-facebook-advertising-itsnicethat-03 Advertising The Muppets star in new ads for Facebook's video calling products, Portal
  29. Lego-rebuild-the-world-betc-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising Lego reveals first brand campaign in 30 years, Rebuild the World
  30. Droga5_this_mama_keeps_going_chase_serena_williams_advertising_itsnicethat1 Advertising Droga5 and Serena Williams show the parallels between motherhood and world class sports
  31. Brexit_campaign_engine_advertising_itsnicethat Advertising Get ready for Brexit ad campaign by Engine launches, reported to cost £100m
  32. Mcdonaldsfrance-animation-itsnicethat-05 Animation Animator Matthieu Braccini creates 15 hypnotic GIFs for McDonald’s France
  33. Pornhub-dirtiest-porn-ever-news-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Pornhub tackles sea pollution in its “Dirtiest Porn Ever” campaign
  34. Barkbox-praise-dog-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising The NYC Gay Men’s Chorus sang odes to pups for BarkBox’s National Dog Day campaign
  35. Almaz-ohene-knifefree-campaign-opinion-itsnicethat-list Advertising How the Home Office should have approached its careless #KnifeFree campaign
  36. Channel_4_complaints_welcome_advertising_itsnicethat4 Advertising Grayson Perry and Big Narstie relay shocking real complaints made about them in Channel 4 ad
  37. Guinness-liberty-fields-advertsising-itsnicethat-02 Advertising Guinness launches a documentary-style ad that salutes Japan’s first-ever female rugby squad
  38. Mcdonalds-shnuggs-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising McDonald's spoofs a fake clothing brand for the launch of its Spicy Chicken McNuggets
  39. Philadelphia-advert-2019-asa-banned-for-gender-stereotyping-advertising-itsnicethat Advertising The Advertising Standards Authority has banned its first ads for “harmful” gender stereotyping
  40. Honest_no_deal_brexit_campaign_led_by_donkeys_advertising_itsnicethat1 Advertising Led By Donkeys is crowdfunding £50,000 for “honest” No Deal Brexit ad campaign
  41. Nimic_droga5_yorgos-lanthimos_film_itsnicethat_list Film The Favourite director Yorgos Lanthimos and Droga5 have made a short film for Mini, with no Minis
  42. Hinge_campaign_red_antler_advertising_itsnicethat_list Advertising Hinge’s logo comes to life as a cute and fluffy live action character, only to be killed off
  43. 4creative-great-british-bake-off-trailer-advertising-itsnicethat_list Advertising Bake Off fever sweeps the eclectic British nation in 4Creative’s rousing trailer
  44. 100-every-day-good-measure-itsnicethat-list_dave_synder Advertising Creatives take a stand against gun violence with 100 Every Day
  45. Raf-list-graphic-design Advertising Psychological studies and games informed the RAF's latest ad campaign
  46. Kfc-russia-mam-cupy-bucket-hat-advertising-itsnicethat-02 Advertising What the cluck? KFC releases limited-edition bucket hat
  47. Futerra-creative-climate-disclosure-advertising-itsnicethat-03 Advertising Creative agency Futerra wants the ad industry to declare a climate emergency
  48. Megan-rapinoe-body-armour-campaign-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Trump's soccer nemesis Megan Rapinoe stars in bold new advertising campaign
  49. Ryan-duffin-harrys-pride-campaign-photography-itsnicethat-06 Photography "Representation like this gives us hope and affirmation": Ryan Duffin shoots Pride campaign for Harry's
  50. Google-duo-maya-angelou-share-the-love-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Beloved poet Maya Angelou is the star of a new Google campaign
  51. Beckyandjoe-trolli-animation-itsnicethat-list Animation Enter the saccharine lunacy of Becky and Joe’s idents for Trolli sweets
  52. Google-creatability-accessibility-cannes-lions-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital Google's open-source accessibility suite grabs top design prize at Cannes
  53. Lucky-generals-time-to-sexual-harassment-advertising-industry-cannes-graphic-design-itsnicethat-05 Advertising This Lucky Generals campaign calls out harassment in advertising ahead of Cannes
  54. Hovis-ridley-scott-classic-advert-comeback-advertising-itsnicethat-02 Advertising Ridley Scott's beloved Hovis advert gets a fully restored re-release
  55. Boiler-room-news-itsnicethat-list Advertising Livestream legends Boiler Room have launched a new advertising agency
  56. Ikea-real-life-stranger-things-advertising-itsnicethat-list Advertising Ikea recreates the living rooms in The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things
  57. List-gillette-first-shave-advertising-its-nice-that-01 Advertising A father teaches his transgender son to shave in Gillette’s touching new ad
  58. Bbc-womens-world-cup-news-advertising-list Advertising The BBC’s creative campaign for the 2019 Women’s World Cup has begun
  59. Amnesty-international-vmlyr-scl-syria-campaign-advertising-itsnicehtat-04 Advertising Amnesty International highlights human crises in stark new campaign
  60. Manvsmachine-castello-cheddar-advertising-itsnicethat-02 Advertising It’s cheese but not as you know it: ManvsMachine’s TV ads for Castello
  61. Richard-turley-7x7-exploded-magazine-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list2 Graphic Design Wieden+Kennedy New York plasters Manhattan with “an exploded magazine”
  62. Burger-king-real-meal-advertising-its-nice-that-02 Advertising Burger King trolls McDonald’s while nodding to mental health issues in new campaign
  63. Jeff-bridges-is-a-bridge-amstel-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Jeff Bridges to play a human bridge in a new beer advert because his surname is Bridges
  64. D-and-ad-industry-insight-report-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising The D&AD Insight Report 2019 suggests advertisers need to consider what it means to be human
  65. Simon-cowell-barclaycard-antarctica-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Simon Cowell banished to the end of the Earth in new ad for Barclaycard
  66. David-droga-five-life-lessons-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising “Even bad pizza is kind of good”: Five life lessons from David Droga
  67. Carlsberg-not-the-best-beer-in-the-world-new-look-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Carlsberg confesses that maybe it isn’t the best beer in the world after all
  68. Nike-id-nike-by-you-gretel-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising By You: Nike's customisable range gets a new name, and a new look
  69. Britains-favourite-brand-lego-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising Lego is the UK's favourite "superbrand" – again
  70. Nike-just-do-it-slogan-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising New survey suggests that “Just Do It” is advertising's most memorable slogan
  71. Mcdonalds-say-no-more-advertising-itsnicethat-03 Advertising McDonald's paints a blurry picture with an intriguing new campaign
  72. Afc-bfc-cfc-nope-kfc-mother-campaign-advertising-itsnicethat-04 Advertising KFC's latest ad reminds you it's not AFC, BFC, or even CFC
  73. British-army-snowflake-karmarama-success-advertising-itsnicethat-01 Advertising The British Army’s controversial “snowflake” campaign seems to have worked
  74. S7-airlines-travel-show-list-itsnicethat Advertising Wieden + Kennedy launches the first ever "travel show for aliens"
  75. Lexus-60000-hour-long-documentary-film-itsnicethat-02 Film Takumi is a 60,000 hour film about the survival of human craft, made by Lexus
  76. Vimeo_alex_prager_its-nice-that Film Vimeo launches its first ever brand campaign shot by Alex Prager
  77. Netflix-make-room-campaign-film-itsnicethat-04 Film “More room. More stories. More voices”: Netflix launches new campaign celebrating inclusivity and diversity
  78. Listcol_48_1 Advertising Creature’s City of London Corporation campaign encourages firms to pay London Living Wage
  79. Screen-shot-2019-02-28-at-11.22.13 Advertising Harry’s chimes in on the modern masculinity debate with ad featuring Harry Kane directed by Thomas Ralph
  80. Listspike-jonze-medmen Advertising Spike Jonze's ad for US marijuana retailer MedMen aims to normalise getting high