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  1. Stefanie-gutheil-art-itsnicethat-list Art Stefanie Gutheil uses oil paintings to explore the masks we wear to fit in
  2. Sophie-larrimore-pastel-towel-art-itsnicethat-02 Art Steamy scenes of fun and fur: meet Sophie Larrimore’s puffy pooches
  3. Kehinde_wiley_the_yellow_wallpaper_art_itsnicethat3 Art Kehinde Wiley portraits of Dalston women to show at William Morris Gallery
  4. Alex_weir-_doon_the_street Illustration Meet Alex Weir, the illustrator embodying Scottish identity through MS Paint
  5. Ekaterina-popova-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Intimate, safe and romantic: Ekaterina Popova paints the interiors of her friend’s bedrooms
  6. Joana-choumali-prix-pictet-prize-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Joana Choumali becomes the first African photographer to win the Prix Pictet Prize
  7. Larry-achiampong-and-david-blandy-digital-art-list Digital Larry Achiampong and David Blandy use video games to explore issues around race and class
  8. Howie-kim-digital-art-work-itsnicethat-list Art Anything and everything is possible in Howie Kim’s digital fantasy worlds
  9. Salman-toor-art-itsnicethat-01 Art “I wanted to be as good as the white old masters”: meet painter Salman Toor
  10. Shawna-x-work-illustration-itsnicethat-list2 Illustration Shawna X on making motherhood a regular conversation in the creative industries
  11. Noel-fielding-dont-walk-walk-art-itsnicethat-list Art Noel Fielding on his Halloween-themed art show, Bake Off and Boosh
  12. Zebu-illustration-itsnicethat-15 Illustration Collaborative duo Zebu on distilling their work while keeping it bold and colourful
  13. Constance-tenvik-riche-lunch-sessions-art-itsnicethat-list Art Constance Tenvik serves up portraits of diners at the Riche Lunch Sessions
  14. David-anderson-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Sliced up eggs and peeled bananas: David Anderson paints a geometric fruit bowl
  15. List-2art_technology_itsnicethat Art Refik Anadol to take over Kraftwerk with LED paintings
  16. Coline-marotta-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Soft and pastel-hued, Coline Marotta’s paintings draw from our relationship with tech
  17. Arthur_jafa_video_art_itsnicethat_list Film Arthur Jafa wins €75,000 PIAC art prize for film tracing African American history
  18. Richard-prince-katz-dogg-cannabis-range-medmen-art-itsnicethat Art Richard Prince’s marijuana brand Katz + Dogg to be distributed by MedMen
  19. Aida_robot_artist_technology_art_itnicethat3 Art Humanoid robot artist Ai-Da to co-host workshops at Tate Exchange
  20. Paulwright-carryondelboy-art-itsnicethat-list Art Paul Wright's paintings of Peggy Mitchell and Del Boy are bound to make you smile
  21. Jamie-hewlett_extinction-rebellion_projection_houses-of-parliament_art_itsnicethat_photo-by-danny-north Art Jamie Hewlett artwork for Extinction Rebellion projected on Houses of Parliament
  22. Larry-achiampong-art-on-the-underground_art_itsnicethat Art Larry Achiampong to redesign the London Underground roundel for the African diaspora
  23. Jenny-holzer-for-the-city-creative_time-art-itsnicethat Art Jenny Holzer projects the words of gun violence victims on the Rockefeller Center
  24. Joana-choumali-albahian-art-its-nice-that-list Art Joana Choumali’s art reimagines life in Accra and Abidjan at daybreak
  25. Ethan-stuart-art-itsnicethat-07 Art Ethan Stuart paints “the magical realism” of believing in a higher power
  26. Gilles-de-brock-work-art-itsnicethat-list Art From carpet making to digitally printing ceramics glazes, Gilles de Brock pulls apart the design process
  27. Banksy-gross-domestic-product-art-itsnicethat-02 Art Banksy opens his own store, Gross Domestic Product, in wake of legal dispute
  28. Sheida-soleimani-crudes-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Like a Trojan Horse, Sheida Soleimani uses art to confront politics and human rights violations
  29. Hank_willis_thomas-all-li-es-matter_ebay-artober-art-itsnicethat_list Art eBay moves into art sales, offering exclusive works by four artists through October
  30. Congo_the_chimp_paintings_desmond_morris_art_itsnicethat5 Art 55 paintings by Congo the chimpanzee to be exhibited and sold in London gallery
  31. Gahee-park-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Exaggerated figures and oddly placed genitals: meet artist Gahee Park
  32. Alex-chinneck---alphabetti-spaghetti-art-itsnicethat-04 Art Artist Alex Chinneck knots post boxes in London, Margate and Sheffield
  33. Taishani-dc_semiramis2019-turnerprize2019-_art-itsnicethat-list Art It’s Nice That visits the Turner Prize in Margate
  34. Mike-willcox-illustration-itsnicethat-13 Art Like “waking from a dream”, artist Mike Willcox turns to his canvas to understand his subconscious
  35. James-pederson-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Painting intricate scenes of live broadcasts, James Pederson turns to sport as his muse
  36. Portrait-of-a-young-samurai_2-channel-video_-photo-credit-annet-gelink-itsnicethat-02 Art The UK's biggest art prize, Artes Mundi, announces its shortlist
  37. Es-devlin-memory-palace-art-itsnicethat-06 Art Es Devlin charts shifts in human perspective for installation at Pitzhanger Manor
  38. Dannyferrell-art-itsnicethat-list Art Danny Ferrell’s colour-saturated paintings celebrate members of his LGBTQ+ community
  39. Claire-nicolet-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Likened to David Hockney and Henri Rousseau, Claire Nicolet paints an idyllic version of her surroundings
  40. Bbc_radio_3_moma_the_way_i_see_it_podcast_art_itsnicethat_list Art Steve Martin, Michael Beirut and Neri Oxman among stars of new BBC Radio 3 and MoMA series
  41. Matthew-stone-fka-twigs-work-art-itsnicethat-list Art “If I am flagging on a shoot, she directs me”: Matthew Stone on working with FKA Twigs
  42. Save-the-children-centenary-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Tracey Emin, Martin Creed, David Shrigley and more create works for Save the Children’s centenary
  43. Arghavan-khosravi-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Arghavan Khosravi on her fruitful yet uncertain journey as an Iranian painter
  44. Compost-daddy-(2018)-by-annie-mackinnon_-one-of-the-artists-selected-for-the-2019-bloomberg-new-contemporaries-exhibition.-image-courtesy-the-artist-and-new-contemporaries Art Artists Ben Rivers and Rana Begum on New Contemporaries 70th anniversary show
  45. North_tate_002_logo_black Art Tate Modern hopes to address “Western-centric” art history with three new curators
  46. Jonathan-chapline-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Detailed, bold and blurry, Jonathan Chapline paints the scenes from our past
  47. Devhynes-thoughtsbecomewordswordsbecomeimages-art-itsnicethat-2list Art This exhibition visually reinterprets literary classics
  48. Yuko-mohri-ones-to-watch-uniqlo-blocktech-art-sculpture-itsnicethat-list Ones to Watch 2019 Yuko Mohri returns to her favourite material to showcase the properties of Uniqlo’s Blocktech
  49. Ryandriscoll-art-itsnicethat-dionysus-10-list Art Ryan Driscoll’s portraits of mythological figures reflect on his Queer experiences
  50. Grace-wilson-ceramic-characters-illustration-itsnicethat-list2 Illustration Meet Grace Wilson’s cast of charming – and amazingly lifelike – ceramic characters
  51. David-shrigley-look-at-this_skip-gallery_art_itsnicethat- Art Look At This: Skip Gallery’s latest and largest exhibition features David Shrigley and Sarah Maple
  52. The_sixteen_trust_nathan-coley-we-must-cultivate-our-garden_art_itsnicethat Art “The arts can be seen as an impractical option for young people,” says The Sixteen Trust’s Lee Cavaliere
  53. Amy-worrall-not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman-illustration-itsnicethat-11 Art Amy Worrall’s ceramic figures explore the complexities of coming of age in the noughties
  54. Aes_f-art-itsnicethat-14 Art AES+F's multi-layered spectaculars are a form of “social psychoanalysis”
  55. Magali-brueder-work-illustration-itsnicethat-list Illustration Magali Brueder transports us to the hilly wilderness in her experimental artworks
  56. Greo-ito-art-illustration-itsnicethat-list Art Greg Ito’s meticulous portfolio of paintings explores “time, love, loss, hope, and tragedy”
  57. Mel-arzamarski-art-itsnicethat-01 Art “I feel like I am following breadcrumbs”: Mel Arzamarski on her pursuit of art
  58. Bob-bicknell-knight-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Bob Bicknell-Knight tackles data hacking, Mark Zuckerberg and dystopic digitalisations
  59. Michaela-younge-felt-tapestries-work-art-itsnicethat-list Art Michaela Younge on her surreal and incredibly intricate felt tapestries
  60. Listimage In Conversation How do you cater to 6 million art lovers a year? Tate Modern’s director Frances Morris shares a few lessons
  61. Erynlougheed-illustration-thegraduates2019-itsnicethat-list The Graduates 2019 Eryn Lougheed’s fantastical, illustrative paintings are windows onto dreamlike worlds
  62. Artfinder-branding-postersflat Art Artfinder becomes the art world's first B Corporation for ethical business practices
  63. Noguchi_table-kellen-hatanaka-painting-art-itsnicethat_copy Art Kellen Hatanaka’s characterful paintings explore North American-Asian identity
  64. Lamas-burgariotti-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Lamas Burgariotti questions “the limits between design and art”
  65. 03-list-img-template-2-up-portrait Art Dan Perkins’ geometric paintings are “imbued with light, rendered in luminous washes”
  66. Judy-chicago-exhibition-baltic-art-itsnicethat Art Baltic to stage first major UK survey of trailblazing feminist artist Judy Chicago
  67. Katharina-grosse-art-itsnicethat Art Baltimore Museum of Art dedicates entire year of shows to women artists
  68. Stuart_semple_artshop_culture_hustle_art_itsnicethat7 Art If your name’s Kapoor, you’re not coming in: Stuart Semple bars rival from his ArtShop
  69. Alice-johnson-ceramics-pottery-pets-art-illustration-itsnicethat-01-_list Art We all need one of Alice Johnson’s pottery pets
  70. The-bass-squared-digital-itsnicethat Digital This Miami museum’s new “satellite gallery space” is on Instagram
  71. Tina-turner-head-cool-shit-dreamland-margate-art-itsnicethat Art Giant inflatable Tina Turner head will greet the Turner Prize in Margate
  72. Bill-daggs-painting-art-itsnicethat-010_copy Art “Social observation” is central to Bill Daggs’ painted portraits
  73. Tove-jansson-at-dulwich-picture-gallery-moomin-illustration-itsnicethat-list Opinion The UK’s favourite ever artist: the female reboot
  74. List-peter-saville_-blue-monday_-1983.-%c2%a9-peter-saville-courtesy-of-the-artist. Art Peter Saville’s work for Factory Records is the epicentre of a new show on British identity
  75. Nickdahlen-claire-art-illustration-itsnicethat-list Art Meet Nick Dahlen, the illustrative artist providing a new perspective on the classics
  76. Joy-miessi-art-exhibition-itsnicethat-list Art Joy Miessi's new solo show looks at dreams as “memories of things that haven’t happened”
  77. Igor-moritz-painting-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Painter Igor Moritz's vivid paintings express the colours of inner life
  78. Samanthafrench-art-itsnicethat-list Art Samantha French’s dazzling underwater paintings hark back to childhood summers
  79. Olafur-eliasson-the-weather-project-art-itsnicethat-02 Art From declaring climate emergency to sacking off Sackler, this week, the art world showed some spine
  80. Tina-schwizgebel-wang-art-itsnicethat-01 Art Tina Schwizgebel-Wang’s etchings are filled with detailed scenes of everyday life