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Art + Music

Art + Music

This feature looks at the infinite connection between art and music in all its different genres. Spanning an enormous amount of ways music and art come together, we’ll take a closer look at stage design, record sleeves, music videos, zines, rock star painters, band merchandise, music at fashion shows and much, much more.

  1. Paulsimonon-itsnicethat-main Art + Music The Clash's Paul Simonon on painting outdoors and sketching in museums
  2. Neil-krug-itsnicethat-list Art + Music First Aid Kit talk band merch, album artwork and tour posters!
  3. Toddterje-itsnicethat-main Art + Music Todd Terje interviews the creators of his new animated video!
  4. List Art + Music George Salisbury reveals the hidden creative secrets of The Flaming Lips!
  5. Robertbeatty-itsnicethat-main Art + Music Otherworldly album artwork from designer Robert Beatty
  6. Reading-itsnicethat-main Art + Music Rob Alderson on why festival posters fill him with dread
  7. Rogerdean-itsnicethat-main Art + Music An interview with one of the most prolific designers in music, Roger Dean
  8. Hotchip-itsnicethat-main Art + Music Pretty heartbreaking video epic for Hot Chip's new single
  9. Pitchfork-bjork-itsnicethat-main Art + Music The Pitchfork Review's Björk shoot was made of molasses, Theraflu and dry ice
  10. Jordy-fantasticfantastic-itsnicethat-list Art + Music Jordy van den Nieuwendijk animates his drawings for Fantastic Fantastic
  11. Bella_union Art + Music Bella Union on the process of working with bands to create album artwork
  12. Int-list-noah-publicity-_2---photo-credit---fernanda-pereira---300dpi-use-from-jan-15 Art + Music An interview with the wonderful Panda Bear about art, music, fear and death
  13. Us-list-int Art + Music "Don't be a dick" – Us talks us through creating great music videos
  14. List Art + Music We meet Popolo Press, Montreal's specialist music printers
  15. Dandeacon-int-main Art + Music Wahhh! An interview with Dan Deacon to celebrate his new music video
  16. List Art + Music A guide to some of the most weird and wonderful music merchandise
  17. Factory-int-list Art + Music The head of BBC Introducing on album artwork, and how to get heard
  18. Yonibloch-bobdylan-int-list Design Indaba An interview with interactive music video pioneer Yoni Bloch
  19. Emptyset-chorde-festival-in-rome-into-hero Art + Music Emptyset: dancing to architecture, searing sounds and amazing visuals
  20. Hiro-murai-int-list Music Video Hiro Murai's new video for Earl Sweatshirt is shot with a thermal camera
  21. Metronomy-db-int Art + Music Metronomy's Joseph Mount takes us through their famous music videos
  22. Silent-studios-int-list Art + Music London-based duo Silent Studios on the importance of music in fashion shows
  23. Fka-twigs-int-list2 Art + Music Watch a pregnant FKA twigs spawn a voguing extravaganza!
  24. Isis-int-main Art + Music Meet the man behind the longest-running Bob Dylan fanzine, ISIS
  25. Kg-int-main Art + Music On the release of her memoir, Kim Gordon talks art and music
  26. Cd-package-city-forgiveness-list Art + Music The Wave Pictures on how they designed their own record sleeves
  27. Lewis_herizondatropica_int_top Art + Music Brilliant album sleeve designs from Lewis Heriz
  28. Ollyjennings-artandmusic-2-int_copy Art + Music Oliver Jennings on visual music, sculpted sound and temperamental plants
  29. Ghospoet-shedding-skin-int-list Art + Music Ghostpoet's latest album cover is made of his SKIN!
  30. Squarepusher-damogen_furies-1400-hero Art + Music A "user-generated glitch" in awesome new Squarepusher site
  31. Tomvek-main Art + Music Tom Vek speaks about the brilliant connection between art and music