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  1. Alfie-dwyer-time2go-digital-itsnicethat-02 Digital Alfie Dwyer on creating game-like worlds and moulding tangible films like “putty”
  2. Tomorrow-bureau-xtreme-scenario-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Watch Tomorrow Bureau’s obsessive and macabre ode to technical outdoor gear
  3. Larry-achiampong-and-david-blandy-digital-art-list Digital Larry Achiampong and David Blandy use video games to explore issues around race and class
  4. Howie-kim-digital-art-work-itsnicethat-list Art Anything and everything is possible in Howie Kim’s digital fantasy worlds
  5. O%e2%80%99ple%cc%81rou-grebert-emojis-digital-work-itsnicethat-list2 Digital O’Plérou Grebet’s new emojis allow “Africans to communicate more accurately using instant messaging”
  6. Sebastian-wyss-graphic-design-digital-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Sebastian Wyss seamlessly integrates technology into his design process
  7. Sensergy-agr-playstation-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital Inspired by The Sims, Sensergy creates an avatar-based campaign for knitwear brand AGR
  8. Briton-smith-universal-sans-graphic-design-digital-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Universal Sans is a customisable variable typeface system by Family Type
  9. Noah-levenson-stealing-ur-feelings-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Noah Levenson’s interactive film shows the broken promises of facial emotional recognition AI
  10. Game_chronicle_ana_engin_japan_digital_itsnicethat5 Digital Game Chronicle charts Japan's video game history via... a game
  11. Stacie-ant-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital “You can make whatever you want”: Stacie Ant on a female-led digital future
  12. Digi-gxl-ctrl-your-future-digital-itsnicethat-1 Digital “Ctrl Your Future” with Digi-Gxl’s creative tech event for young women, non-binary people and transfolk
  13. Wix-sponsored-content-itsnicethat-list Digital Three creatives on how they translated the personality of their work into their website
  14. Selam-x-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital “We’re curious about what’s coming next”: Selam X on a future filled with digital fashion, AI and 6G
  15. Julius-hahmann-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Believe it or not, these images are actually 3D renders
  16. Pastor-placzek-digital-itsnicethat-10 Digital Pastor/Placzek questions the notion of surface through its interaction design work
  17. Creative-industries-policy-and-evidence-centre-creative-and-digital-skills-study-itsnicethat_adobe-stock Miscellaneous Digital and creative skills should no longer be considered separate, says report
  18. List-2art_technology_itsnicethat Art Refik Anadol to take over Kraftwerk with LED paintings
  19. Conall-mcateer-every-minute-counts-digital-itsnicethat-2 Digital Conall McAteer shows us the oscillating nature of political opinions on social media
  20. Adobe-inspiration-engine Digital Adobe and Amazon launch Alexa skill aimed at creatives, the Inspiration Engine
  21. Coralie-vogelaar-bin-packing-algorithm-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Exploring the space between humans and computers: Coralie Vogelaar on bin-packing algorithms
  22. Fix-me-spark-ar-filter-instagram-daniel-mooney-itsnicethat Digital Facebook removes all Spark AR effects related to plastic surgery after wellbeing concerns
  23. Tokyo_fyre_festival_digital_design_itsnicethat22 Digital Fyre Festival’s digital designer Tokyo tells its story, two years on
  24. October_student_list_image Double Click Double Click's back-to-school edition provides inspiration for anyone prepping a degree show
  25. Guardian_daily_app_redesign_digital_itsnicethat5 Digital The Guardian reveals redesigned Daily news app for interruption-free reading
  26. Giphy_arcade_gaming_digital_itsnicethat6 Digital Giphy Arcade lets you create and customise retro microgames with gifs
  27. Diego-sanchez-barcelo-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital Cigarettes, bums and plenty of stone: Meet digital artist Diego Sanchez Barcelo
  28. Neal-agrawal-digital-itsnicethat-0 Digital Creative coder Neal Agarwal on bringing the internet back to its weird days
  29. Amo_in_colour_sony_music_bring_me_the_horizon_4th_floor_creative_digital_itsnicethat_list Digital Sony uses Spotify data to personalise band merch in new online service
  30. October_list_image Double Click Double Click October is all about the humble portfolio site
  31. Daniel-wenzel-digital-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Digital Daniel Wenzel faces the question of automation in creativity head-on in Automatic Type Design
  32. Opinionpiece_bob-bicknell-knight Digital A beginner’s guide to the world of digital art
  33. Nt_youtube_bencullenwilliams Nicer Tuesdays Ben Cullen Williams on investigating how a computer would dance
  34. Adobe-block-venezuela-digital-itsnicethat-02 Digital Adobe is blocked in Venezuela following new US sanctions
  35. Alan-warburton-digital-itsnicethat-0 Digital Alan Warburton explores CGI production, toxic masculinity and vision through his hybrid practice
  36. Keiken-feel-my-metaverse-digital-itsnicethat-00 Digital In Feel My Metaverse, Keiken wants us to unlearn our reality to form new kinship
  37. Sucuk-and-bratwurst-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Friends since kindergarten, Sucuk and Bratwurst discusses its collective creativity
  38. Swipe-night-tinder-in-app-interactive-series-digital-film-itsnicethat Digital Tinder launches in-app, interactive adventure series, Swipe Night
  39. Harm-van-den-dorpel-digital-10 Digital In his generative art pieces, Harm van den Dorpel treats his algorithms as collaborators
  40. Ines-alpha-selfridges-the-new-order-itsnicethat-01 Digital Ines Alpha creates an AR beauty campaign for Selfridges' The New Order
  41. Uber-redesign-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital Uber overhauls app design, simplifying interface and integrating Uber Eats
  42. Eamonn-freel-digital-itsnicethat-01 Digital “AI is definitely the king right now”: meet multimedia artist Eamonn Freel
  43. Random-studio-fred-perry-raf-simons-digital-fashion-itsnicethat-list Digital Random Studio creates an interactive house party for Fred Perry x Raf Simons’ lookbook
  44. Matthew-stone-fka-twigs-work-art-itsnicethat-list Art “If I am flagging on a shoot, she directs me”: Matthew Stone on working with FKA Twigs
  45. Theo-triantafyllidis-anti-gone-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Anti-Gone is a mixed reality performance set in a post-climate change world
  46. Tristan-o'neill-_museum_of_youth_culture_google_arts_and_culture_digital_itsnicethat_list Digital The Museum of Youth Culture opens up vast digital archive, via Google Arts & Culture
  47. Double-click-september-2019-digital-itsnicethat Double Click Satellite photography, drawing tools and interactive logotypes feature in Double Click September
  48. Image Digital Designing Experience: What we learned about harnessing digital design as a superpower
  49. Google_recover_together1 Digital Google launches new website dedicated to addiction recovery in the US
  50. Flying-matthew-dear-gif-by-rolfes-downsized_large-list Digital Team Rolfes on VR puppetry, digital character design and the importance of live performance
  51. Richard-vijgen-wifi-impressionist-digital-itsnicethat-09 Digital WiFi Impressionist “paints” data-driven landscapes that are both poetic and precise
  52. Yoshi-sodeoka-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Digital artist Yoshi Sodeoka’s work cannot be categorised
  53. Diana-ganea-lifecredit-digital-itsnicethat-12 Digital Dystopian game LifeCredit simulates a future ruled by privatised social credit systems
  54. Amigo-total-digital-itsnicethat-07 Digital Amigo Total is on a mission to find “new, disruptive ways to tell stories”
  55. Bon_iver_viisualiizer-gif-earth Digital Spotify visualises how fans are listening to new Bon Iver album through interactive website
  56. Digi-gal-selfridges-the-new-order-ready-to-wear-aw-19-digital-itsnicethat-12 Digital Digi-Gal’s campaign for Selfridges envisions the future of fashion in mesmerising virtual scenes
  57. Technology_will_save_us_arcade_coder_product_design_tech_itsnicethat1 Product Design The Arcade Coder hopes to transform family games night
  58. Ben-cullen-williams-living-archive-digital-itsnicethat-1 Digital Ben Cullen Williams' installation repurposes the code from Wayne McGregor's Living Archive
  59. Issuustories-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Issuu Stories: a new tool enabling social stories creation on Adobe InDesign, mobile and web
  60. Sara-ludy-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Sara Ludy extends her apartment into a VR that will continue to expand indefinitely
  61. Adobe Event Join It’s Nice That and Adobe XD for an evening of discussion on digital design
  62. Ji-soo-eom---eth Digital Bold and borderless, Ji Soo Eom’s designs echo the multiverse
  63. Jawa-el-khash-the-upper-side-of-the-sky-digital-16 Digital Jawa El Khash's latest work resurrects lost artefacts in a virtual afterlife
  64. Matthew-keff-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Matthew Keff digitally riffs off the design tropes of social media and advertising
  65. Nologo Double Click Double Click August is full of playful designs that prompt user interaction
  66. Typelab-graphic-design-digital-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Floriane Rousselot's digital platform Typelab supports and champions the work of young designers
  67. Peter-burr-drop-city-work-digital-itsnicethat-list2 Digital Who are the people with the power to design the system we live in? Digital artist Peter Burr investigates
  68. Jean-baptiste-castel-astrid-feringa-this-is-not-the-amazon-digital-itsnicethat-14 Digital This is not the Amazon is an eerie and uncanny film that questions our relationship to nature
  69. Bob-bicknell-knight-work-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Bob Bicknell-Knight tackles data hacking, Mark Zuckerberg and dystopic digitalisations
  70. Instagram-stories-ar-effects-spark-ar-digital-itsnicethat Digital Anyone can now design and publish AR effects on Instagram Stories using Spark AR
  71. 05_the-bold-visual-identity-for-design-can-was-designed-by-not-flat-3_zetteler_20190812 Digital Design Can is out to tackle the design industry’s lack of representation
  72. Romainroucoules-photography-digital-thegraduates2019-itsnicethat-list The Graduates 2019 Romain Roucoules artistically comments on the environment, social media and politics – with food
  73. Joejackchapman-digital-thegraduates2019-itsnicethat-list.jpeg The Graduates 2019 Somewhere between adorable and disgusting: Joe Jack Chapman’s digital worlds
  74. Google-maps-live-view-digital-itsnicethat-03 Digital Google Maps launches AR walking directions so you’ll never get lost again
  75. The-bass-squared-digital-itsnicethat Digital This Miami museum’s new “satellite gallery space” is on Instagram
  76. Apple_ar_art-walk-carsten-holler_itsnicethat Digital Apple’s [AR]T tours feature augmented reality artworks by Carsten Höller and Nick Cave
  77. Poolsidefm-digital-itsnicethat-list Digital Get in loser we're going Poolside: meet your new favourite website set in 1986
  78. Martin-wecke-design-code-lab-digital-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Digital Martin Wecke's work sits in the sweet spot between thoughtful design and surprising interactions
  79. Plays-type-animation-app-digital-itsnicethat Digital New app Plays aims to fill a gap in type animation on mobile
  80. Pinterest-emotional-wellbeing-exercises-mental-health-social-media-itsnicethat Digital Pinterest users prompted to do emotional wellbeing activities if they seem distressed