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  1. The-design-museum-see-differently-news-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design See Differently shines a light on the life-hacking products used by the blind community
  2. Alliage-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design “We want to challenge and disturb the audience”: meet graphic design studio Alliage
  3. Checkland-kindleysides-byron-rebrand-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Checkland Kindleysides rebrands Byron encouraging people to eat together
  4. Romina-malta-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design “I’m a bit afraid of colours”: Romina Malta on her illustrative approach to design
  5. Studio-hik-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design “Perfectly beautiful things don’t attract me”: Heesun Seo on her nontraditional practice
  6. List Graphic Design Camera Arhiva is an archive of printed matter from Romania’s communist era
  7. Sejin-choi-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Sejin Choi blurs the boundaries between graphic design and art
  8. Dianne-van-der-hoeven-symbiotic-hues-graphic-design-itsnicethat-2 Graphic Design Dianne van der Hoeven maps her inspirations to her work in Symbiotic Hues
  9. Johnson_banks_pink_floyd_later_years_graphic_design_itsnicethat1 Graphic Design Johnson Banks designs "suitably surreal" Pink Floyd album cover for The Later Years
  10. Jones_knowles_ritchie-the-national-lottery-rebrand-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design JKR rebrands The National Lottery to restore its “sense of joyful purpose”
  11. Ikki-kobayashi-between-black-and-white-graphic-design-itsnicethat-lisr Graphic Design Ikki Kobayashi’s new series investigates the tension between shapes and negative space
  12. Matt-willey-pentagram-announcement-graphic-design-publication-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Matt Willey leaves The New York Times Magazine and joins Pentagram
  13. Violet-luczak-your-ass-sucks-buttermilk-graphic-design-art-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Your Ass Sucks Buttermilk! Violet Luczak mixes graphic design and painting to take on the dairy industry
  14. Terezie-stindlova-graphic-design-itsnicethat-15 Graphic Design Designer Terezie Štindlová mixes default office aesthetics with unexpected human error
  15. Pangram-pangram-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Locating and anticipating trend patterns in type is key to Pangram Pangram’s creative process
  16. David-wise-forthcoming-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design Graphic designer David Wise returns with a new creative studio, Forthcoming
  17. Slanted-yearbook-of-type-2019-work-graphic-deisgn-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Slanted’s Yearbook of Type highlights the design zeitgeist through 158 fonts
  18. Brody-associates-website_homepage_digital_itsnicethat Digital Brody Associates returns from website hiatus with cleaner and more serendipitous online presence
  19. Lucas-descroix-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Lucas Descroix’s typefaces play with contrasts and eclecticism
  20. Clever-franke-eurovision-2020-identity-graphic-design-list Graphic Design Clever Franke creates Eurovision 2020 identity based on participants’ national flags
  21. Sundae-school-420-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Sundae School explores how cannabis can be the catalyst for inner creativity
  22. Alex-slobzheninovn-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list2 Graphic Design Alex Slobzheninov on creating type to echo changes in visual culture
  23. Dnco_geffrye_museum_of_the_home_rebrand_graphic_design_itsnicethat17 Graphic Design The Geffrye Museum rebrand by dn&co is inspired by shadows and light
  24. A5-jens-muller-west-berlin-grafik-design-publication-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design A5’s new book West-Berlin Grafik-Design is a visual time capsule from post-war Germany
  25. Kia-tasbihgou-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design A campaigner for the unconventional, Kia Tasbihgou discusses his latest typefaces
  26. Quid_pro_sans_rick_banks_f37_jkr_trump_typeface_graphic_design_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Quid Pro Sans lets you type in Donald Trump’s giant felt tip handwriting, with some surprises
  27. Leah-maldonado-glyphworld-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Leah Maldonado’s expressionist Glyphworld maps typefaces to landscapes and emotions
  28. List Graphic Design Dorothy creates “song map” of the UK using more than 1,400 track titles
  29. Blok-design-origen-mexico-work-graphic-design-publication-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Origen México highlights the innate creativity within Mexican culture
  30. Julien-gobled-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design “It became an obsession”: Julien Gobled on mixing graphic design with illustration
  31. List Graphic Design Map revealing the dark side of Amazon Echo wins Designs of the Year 2019
  32. Clase-copypark-issue-one-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Park magazine's first issue explores the theme of "the copy" in every walk of life
  33. List Graphic Design “Less is enough”: New York’s Edition Studio on graphic design as an editing process
  34. Erik-carter-illustration-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Erik Carter wants today’s graphic designers to question the status quo
  35. Kai-udema-nova-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design “I have to print or photograph something ‘real’”: Kai Udema on his approach to design
  36. Studio_dumbar_d_and_ad_festival_2020_identity_imagine_everything_graphic_design_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Studio Dumbar’s D&AD Festival 2020 identity asks us to “imagine everything”
  37. Natalia-pawlak-graphic-design-itsnicethat-07 Graphic Design Polish graphic designer Natalia Pawlak on bad taste and reinterpreting Polish kitsch
  38. Wolff_olins_vonage_rebrand_graphic_design_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Wolff Olins rebrands Vonage, bringing “quirk” to boring B2B branding
  39. Florian-karsten-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Florian Karsten on designing websites and typefaces for the long term
  40. Stack-awards-winners-publication-list Publication Flaneur wins big at the Stack Awards, with prizes for Fukt, MacGuffin and Victory Journal
  41. Kesselskramer-humania-nemo-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design KesselsKramer's campaign for Nemo Science Museum celebrates weird body facts
  42. Xyz-lab-rouge-fashion-book-graphic-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design XYZ Lab designs a removable and “grotesque” fifth issue for Rouge Fashion Book
  43. Bara-ruzickova-design-itsnicethat-01 Graphic Design Through playful forms, Bára Růžičková tackles the rigid structure of the design industry
  44. Pentagram-warner-bros-rebrand-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Pentagram rebrands Warner Bros. with a “sleek and clean” update to its shield logo
  45. Universal-thirst-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Meet Universal Thirst, the Bangalore and Reykjavik-based foundry offering a dual perspective on type
  46. Karl-anders-red-star-fc-work-graphicdesign-list Graphic Design “Legacy meets contemporary”: Karl Anders on its campaign for Red Star FC
  47. Felix-salut-galapagos-tile-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Galapagos typeface creators launch porcelain tile range for 3D home creations
  48. Studio-phenomena-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Studio Phenomena looks at syllable-based writing, lost dreams and sensory experiences
  49. Eloise-harris-work-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Eloise Harris celebrates physical touch and materiality in her thoughtful design practice
  50. Voice_of_the_wall_heimat_berlin_typeface_graphic_design_itsnicethat_2 Graphic Design Berlin Wall graffiti is made into a typeface to warn how "division is freedom's biggest threat"
  51. Brando-corradini-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Designer Brando Corradini finds freedom in his personal work
  52. Torsten-rasmus-cityringen-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Kontrapunkt's type designers talk us through its design for Copenhagen's in-train displays
  53. Kellnberger-white-being-human-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Warm, tactile and accessible: Kellenberger-White on its exhibition design for Being Human
  54. Giorgia_lupi_pentagram___other_stories_collection_graphic_design_fashion_itsnicethat31 Graphic Design Pentagram’s Giorgia Lupi on her data-driven designs for & Other Stories
  55. Sally-thurer-graphic-design-itsnicethat-11 Graphic Design Sally Thurer's critical design practice reaches beyond what you can see with your eyes
  56. Sebastian-wyss-graphic-design-digital-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Sebastian Wyss seamlessly integrates technology into his design process
  57. Fatih-hardal-fh-giselle-graphic-design-itsnicethat-2 Graphic Design Find hidden squares and experimental inktraps in Fatih Hardal's FH Giselle
  58. List Graphic Design Kristine Kawakubo presents ideas and information through unconventional book design
  59. Nuffield_health_rebrand_someone-graphic_design_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Nuffield rebrand by SomeOne features motion graphics built on “sensations”
  60. Pangpangpang-work-graphicdesign-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design PangPangPang on expressing graphics in a different way
  61. _walsh-zoobas-graphicdesign-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design &Walsh designs Zooba's identity inspired by the busy streets of Cairo
  62. Regular-practice-ones-to-watch-uniqlo-ultra-light-down-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Ones to Watch 2019 Regular Practice turns the lightweight padding of Ultra Light Down into a typeface
  63. Facebook_rebrand_wordmark_redesign_dalton_maag_saffron_graphic-design_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Facebook rebrands to distinguish the company from the app
  64. Maximage-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Graphic design studio Maximage’s motto is “emotions and technology”
  65. Briton-smith-universal-sans-graphic-design-digital-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Universal Sans is a customisable variable typeface system by Family Type
  66. Fontsmith_variable_fonts_graphic_design_itsnicethat Graphic Design Fontsmith launches nine variable fonts, marking a turning point in digital typography
  67. Itsourtime-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design #ItsOurTime enlists the creative industry to get young people registering to vote
  68. Kenny-brandenberger-graphic-design-itsnicethat-5 Graphic Design Kenny Brandenberger’s fluid typographic design is made with machine-like precision
  69. G-design-studio-state-orchestra-graphic-design-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Athens-based G Design Studio on colour, cliches and learning through teaching
  70. Hellvetica_typeface_zack_roif_and_matthew_woodward_rga_graphic_design_itsnicethat6 Graphic Design Hellvetica typeface terrifies graphic designers with blood-curdling kerning
  71. List Publication Hardcore Fanzine documents three incredible years of music zine Good and Plenty
  72. Obby-and-jappari-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Obby & Jappari stays up to date with the right mix of analogue and digital
  73. Kristina_bold_conrad_haddaway_sherwin_teo_world_stroke_day_typeface_graphic_design_itsnicethat1 Graphic Design Kristina Bold is a typeface modelled on its namesake’s post-stroke handwriting
  74. Carl-herner-graphic-design-itsnicethat-1 Graphic Design Carl Herner deconstructs garments with his non-traditional approach to digital design
  75. 8 Graphic Design Uncommon encourages families to talk with TV listing-inspired print ads for ITV
  76. The-male-scholarship-sharp-graphic-design-itsnicethat-04 Graphic Design Sharp Type launches new scholarship to support women of colour entering the type industry
  77. Siyoung-park-work-photography-itsnicethat-list Graphic Design Bitnaneun’s founder Siyoung Park on the art of designing film posters
  78. List Graphic Design Seoul-based design studio Press Room explores meaning through the physical
  79. Paula_scher_pentagram_the_bush_2020_flamingo_mons_mist_graphic_design_itsnicethat_list Graphic Design Paula Scher designs The Bush 2020 campaign for pubic hair conditioning spray
  80. Toshi-omagari-arcade-game-typography-work-publication-itsnicethat-lit Publication Arcade Game Typography reminds us of the best of 8 pixel monospaced fonts