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  1. Seung-gu-kim-photography-itsnicethat-1 Photography Seung-Gu Kim creates Lowry-style photographs of South Korean holidays
  2. Osma-harvilahti-photography-itsnicethat-5 Photography Fish by Osma Harvilahti is a romantic interpretation of the Japanese fishing industry
  3. Julia-and-vincent-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography From cows drinking to Maison Margiela bags full of eggs: Julia et Vincent's dreamlike photography
  4. Maria-demionova-itsnicethat-list Photography Moscow-based Masha Demionova’s portraits capture the multi-faceted personalities of women
  5. Wetransfer-gem-fletcher-itsnicethat-list Photography Gem Fletcher and Ken Hermann shoot death-defying Indian tradition The Well of Death
  6. Georgemuncey-photography-itsnicethat-01 Photography Film photographer George Muncey captures the cyclical nature of his hometown in Doughnut City
  7. World-press-photo-2018-ronaldo-schemidt-photography-itsnicethat_list Photography World Press Photo of the Year 2018 winner Ronaldo Schemidt depicts a Venezuelan protestor ablaze
  8. Lezlie-zhang-photography-itsnicethat-list-alt Photography Leslie Zhang's sentimental series Little Flexes is a "beautiful glimpse of China"
  9. Willscarborough-hurtence-photography-itsnicethat-2list Photography Will Scarborough's thoughtful and theatrical portraits celebrate a series of hand-stitched hats
  10. Philipp-gallon-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Over several years, Philipp Gallon charts the social changes in the US through random encounters
  11. Hat_beardpress-georgerodriguez-publication-itsnicethat-03 Publication Brian Roettinger designs the first retrospective of photographer George Rodriguez
  12. Dima-komarov-itsnicethat-list Photography Photographer Dima Komarov captures a sense of freedom in Russian youth culture
  13. Sashafrolova-progeria-photography-itsnicethat-6list Photography Leather leashes and inversion tables: Sasha Frolova's photographs challenge the role age plays in society
  14. Chiara-zonca-tread-softly-list-image Photography Photographer Chiara Zonca captures dream-like landscapes to transport you to another planet
  15. One-shot-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography One Shot: the gallery offering "the most limited, limited edition photos ever" from top photographers
  16. Vicki-king-photography-itsnicethat-list-alt Photography Photographer Vicki King’s latest work is as dreamy and otherworldly as ever
  17. Lucas-foglia-photography-itsnicethat-list-alt Photography “Go outside. It’s good for you”: Lucas Foglia’s breathtaking and challenging series Human Nature
  18. Listnewnew Photography Adelaide Ivanova's photography blurs fact with fiction
  19. Its-nice-that-green-bank-list Photography Green Bank: an American community of astro physicists, bear hunters and “wifi-refugees”
  20. Boriscamaca-photography-itsnicethat-14list Photography Boris Camaca's eerie, otherworldly photographs are rooted in social criticism
  21. Nachoalegre-photography-itsnicethat-14list Photography Fashion photographer Nacho Alegre's tribute to 30 years of Spanish Vogue
  22. Alicemann-drummies-photography-itsnicethat-1list Photography Alice Mann's celebratory and empowering photographs of young majorettes
  23. Richard-dowker-list3 Photography “I like to work on projects that have an aspect of reality”: Richard Dowker's pink-toned photography
  24. Parker-day-polaroid-photogaphy-itsnicethat-list Photography Parker Day celebrates several generations of characters for the launch of Polaroid's 96 Cam
  25. Dolly_faibyshev-sumo-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Photographer Dolly Faibyshev takes us into the ring with sumo wrestling champions
  26. Bex-day_transgender_adobe-stock_photography_itsnicethat-list Photography Bex Day brings the UK’s under-represented transgender community to stock photography
  27. Giovanni-corabi-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography The succinct, calm and intimate portraiture of London-based photographer Giovanni Corabi
  28. Asusual.111_list Photography Brooke DiDonato’s surreal portraits leave the viewer to fill in the gaps
  29. Untitled32 Photography Photographer Sam Gregg shoots the true face of Naples
  30. 002no_lone_zonelist Photography The lonely claustrophobia of Adam Reynolds’ nuclear missile site series
  31. Gottfried-angel-woman-on-boardwalk-in-brighton-beach-lglist Photography The legacy of late NYC street photographer Arlene Gottfried
  32. Kimjakobsento-squiresofthesquaretable-photography-itsnicethat-5list Photography Kim Jakobsen To's honest and impeccably stylish photography
  33. Mark-shaw_kennedys_proud-galleries_photography_itsnicethat_-list-a-portrait-of-jackie-and-jfk-_-white-house_-1961 Exhibition Mark Shaw’s intimate portraits of the Kennedys go on display 55 years after JFK’s assassination
  34. 7_olou_weke_benin_60x80cm_namsaleuba_2017list Photography Photographer Namsa Leuba makes the invisible stories of Voodoo visible
  35. 5_(1) Photography Alex Vasilyev's compelling photographs of locals living in Russia's coldest region
  36. 160331_mahaney_sistersofthevalley_8603-2list Photography Photographer Mark Mahaney captures unexpected American stories
  37. Lucy-alex-mac-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Lucy Alex Mac’s bizarre, comedic portrait photography avoids “pretty for pretty’s sake”
  38. Img_1521 Photography A chat with the anonymous archivist behind vintage smut celebration Hardcore Decor
  39. Danielshea-foampaulhufaward2018-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Photographer Daniel Shea wins Foam Paul Huf young photographer award 2018
  40. Joana-choumali-ca-va-aller-it-will-be-fine-photography-itsnicethat-list International Women's Day Joana Choumali’s beautifully embroidered photographs tackle the melancholy of a community in shock
  41. Jenniferpattison-ricepuddingmoonandtheriverofdreams-girlgaze-photography-itsnicethat-1list International Women's Day The Punjab and the Black Country through the lenses of four female photographers
  42. Jamesperolls-photography-itsnicethat-13list Photography Photographer James Perolls' soft, romantic dreamscapes
  43. Biel-capllonch-photography-itsnicethat-10 Photography Elaborate scenes brimming with narrative from photographer Biel Capllonch
  44. I_(8)_list Photography Photographer Denis Dailleux tenderly captures Egyptian bodybuilders with their mums
  45. Superbluebloodmoonburnzonelost Photography Kevin Cooley’s photographic obsession with the wildfire that threatened his house
  46. Hahnandhartung-beautyandthebeast-photography-itsnicethat-1list Photography Tsunami drills and earthquake-proof homes: communities at risk of natural disasters
  47. Filip-custic-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography "Science, maths, astrology and history" inspire Filip Custic's surreal portfolio
  48. Luca_tombolini_ls09_07list Photography Photographer Luca Tombolini captures the surreal perfection of the desert
  49. Danny-north-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography "Eigg is magic": Danny North's beautiful portrayal of an isolated, self-sufficient community
  50. Akosmajor-leisureproject-photography-itsnicethat-3list Photography Akos Major’s serene and splendid landscapes
  51. Nikita-teryoshin-photography-itsnicethat-4 Photography Nikita Teryoshin documents diehard carnival fan Horst Schwiperich and his corps of Blue Sparks
  52. _ren6610_high_reslist Photography Renato Granieri’s King penguins win National Geographic Traveller photography prize
  53. Enlarge-your-memories-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Jamie Allan Shaw offers an alternative to the one-sided relationship between creatives and magazines
  54. Masakiyamamoto-guts-photography-itsnicethat-10list Photography Photographer Masaki Yamamoto’s honest and unconventional family portraits
  55. Brianfinke-hiphophoneys-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Photographer Brian Finke turns his lens on music video models
  56. Mariettepathyallen-transcendents-photography-itsnicethat-12list Photography Photographer Mariette Pathy Allen captures the gender-fluid spirit mediums of south east Asia
  57. Sophiegreen-justadrop-photography-itsnicethat-10list Photography Photographer Sophie Green lenses Kenyan communities for charity Just A Drop
  58. Rosiebrock-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Rosie Brock photographs a sentimental portrait of Virginia post Trump's inauguration
  59. Jonathan-higbee-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Jonathan Higbee captures "random but absolutely beautiful moments" on the streets of New York
  60. Durimel_brothers Ones To Watch 2018 Ones to Watch 2018: photographers Jalan and Jibril Durimel
  61. Birthbecomesher-photography-itsnicethat-1list Photography Birth Becomes Her photography competition champions mothers everywhere
  62. Liznielsen-landscapeshapes-art-itsnicethat-list Photography Liz Nielsen wants to create photographs that give viewers "an ah-ha moment"
  63. Allaafonina-veralaponkina-sacredplace-itsnicethat-photography-2list Photography A tribute to the repurposed churches of the Soviet Union
  64. Dhamsrifuengfung-swimtome-photography-itsnicethat-16 Photography Photographer Dham Srifuengfung's endearingly fabulous shoot starring his childhood nanny
  65. David_meskhi_post_soviet_visions_photography_its_nice_that Photography Post-Soviet Visions: image and identity in the new Eastern Europe
  66. Olgacbozalp-dadandhisjordanianfriends-photography-itsnicethat-1list Photography Turkish photographer Olgaç Bozalp recreates family photo albums
  67. Osamuyokonami-mizugi-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Osamu Yokonami photographically interprets spring with a group of anonymous swimmers
  68. Stratoskalafatis-athos-photography-itsnicethat-3list Photography Photographer Stratos Kalafatis on life inside the 1200-year old Mount Athos
  69. Googleimagedesigntweak-photography-itsnicethat-2list Photography Google tackles image copyright infringement with latest design tweak
  70. Windsock_bara_prasilova-hasselblad-ikea-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Ikea partners with Hasselblad to offer more “inspiring” prints for its frames
  71. Chase-middleton-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Chase Middleton’s candid, bizarre and compelling photographs of strangers
  72. John-mclaughlin-animation-itsnicethat-list_copy Photography Refinery29 celebrates the natural hair movement with a photo series by Lily Bertrand-Webb
  73. Single-atom-in-an-ion-trap-david-nadlinger-photography-itsnicethat_list Photography Photo of a single atom wins science photography prize
  74. Abbietreylersmith-photography-itsnicethat-8list Photography Abbie Trayler-Smith photographs Iraqi women's lives after Isis
  75. Jasonevans-photography-gardengateproject-itsnicethat-list Photography The Garden Gate Project: utilising photography to bring people together through visual literacy
  76. Michalchelbin-ukrainesmilitaryschools-itsnicethat-6list Photography Michal Chelbin's photography is an unusual insight into Ukraine's military boarding schools
  77. Geoff_maccormack_david_bowie_photography_its_nice_that_5 Photography Candid, unseen images of David Bowie by Geoff MacCormack to be exhibited
  78. Feng-li-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Chinese photographer, Feng Li's series White Night is a flip book of strange scenarios
  79. Cecilebaudier-diasporacostachica-itsnicethat-7list Photography Photographer Cécile Baudier explores Costa Chica's Afro-Mexican community
  80. Alexandercoggin-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography “You can see a lot of me in the work”: Alexander Coggin on exhibiting eight years of photographs